As I was checking search console this morning I noticed there was finally some data in the queries section, and that I was ranking for 38 different keywords.

However, when I went to check these in google search my website was still nowhere to be found. As an example, for one keyword I was ranked 65 average, so I typed that keyword into google search, checked ALL the pages thoroughly and nothing showed up.

Has anyone else experienced this? I thought I was finally getting my first ranks after one month but apparently not.

Tried searching incognito and still nothing :(

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Triblu Premium
Hey Joseph,

It is my understanding that whenever you search like that you can do more harm to your site's ranking than good. You are better off checking your site's ranking in SEMrush.

Though it is less expensive to simply use tools like Google Analytics or the Site Kit by Google plugin to help you tweak your website to rank even better.

Increasing your website's targeted traffic will equal sales and once you start getting sales, your site is ranking better.

However, forcing Google to rank you for specific keywords is a lost cause as Google decides which sites rank for what keywords.

You may find Robert's words of wisdom very comforting: Hope you find this helpful.
Jbg1997 Premium
Thanks for the tip, I wasn't aware that searching for my site could negatively impact the ranking. I'll try to avoid doing this in future.
MRRSP Premium
It's probably because your site is still very new and not coming up in the first pages on Google. Mine is the same. All my content is indexed but won't show up in Google. I've been told once my site gets older, gets more traffic and has gained trust it will rank higher.

I hope this helps

All the best
Jbg1997 Premium
I'm just confused because according to search console I am ranking for several keywords, but when searching for them myself I still don't see my site anywhere.

From my understanding, everyone sees slightly different results when searching for things. Maybe my site is starting to appear for certain people under certain keywords, but not for me yet. That's the only explanation I can think of.
MRRSP Premium
That's why I stopped searching for my keywords. I figure I'll let the Google gods figure it out and I'll just keep writing content lol no sense in driving ourselves crazy searching for keywords.