I am doing some work for a travel agent.

How does Google deal with this duplicate content if the duplicate content originates from the same website?

Each holiday page/post are custom/tailor made itineraries.

Day 1 - do and explore this
Day 2 - go and see this...
and so on.......


Each itinerary will also have content such as:

Best time to travel, Safety Information, Travel Tips

These will be displayed in "tabbed" shortcodes on the page.

So, my questions is this.

How does Google deal with this duplicate content like this?

Many pages will have hundreds, perhaps even 1,000 words of duplicate content because so many countries have multiple itineraries with identical travel information (the "tabbed" content).

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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ladyluck2013 Premium
Hi Philip,
I really don't know how Google will deal with pages of duplicate content, but would it be possible to just consolidate the duplicate content into one page? If yes, then why not place links to this page on the other pages with the different itineraries? In this way, Google will see just the one page with the same content (best time to travel, Safety info, and travel tips) instead of on several pages. This may seem overly simplistic, but just may solve the problem. :-) Hope this helps,
mackiejw Premium
I wouldn't worry about these 'schedule like' repeating contents. Google knows...just as it is with recipes . Only so many different ways to roast a piece of pork. Salt, pepper, pre-heat oven to 350F, roast for 2 1/2 hrs. Serve with potato knoedel.

skandy85 Premium
loL! Good point. I am just worried about the volume of content.

Best time to go
What To Wear
Cultural Differences
etc etc etc...

There is a lot of content there for every single itinerary.
Rich908 Premium
there are so many answers to this questions -see if this helps
skandy85 Premium
Thanks. I agree. I am torn on how to approach this so I am putting out a few feelers to see what other people think.