I am not even sure what I am asking, but I have a question about the schema/FAQ functionality in AIO SEO.

I just watched a video from aioseo .com titled "Setting FAQ Page Schema Markup in Your Content"


I have some questions:

Is this the only way to get the featured snippet or the PAA section?

Does it sound like I would not include the answers to the questions in my post, just in the schema section?

I am just not sure of the structure of how this works. What if I want the answers on my site where people can read them?

I understand I can set this up on a post-by-post basis, is that the best way to do it?

If I am totally off base, can someone point me in the right direction, please?


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AbieAJ Premium Plus

You may be wanting below resource


Jovo response makes great sense.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hope this helps.
skmorrow Premium
Thanks for responding. Unfortunately as a non-techy it's pretty much gibberish to me 🙂. I think I will not overthink and keep pumping out quality content.
Triblu Premium
Hey Steve,

Here's Google's own guide on Featured Snippets: https://developers.google.com/search/docs/advanced/appearance/featured-snippets

Hope you find this helpful.
skmorrow Premium
Thanks 👍
jvranjes Premium
Going through your questions, my possible answers, take with a grain of salt:

No. A plugin does not dictate what Google will show in PPA.

No. You write for readers. But it cannot make harm if you add it there in the premium plugin boxes.

This is only on post by post base. I do not see any other way, every set of answers is related to certain post.
skmorrow Premium
Makes sense, thank you.