This may be a stupid question, but there is no such thing, right?

Anyway, my site says 'Indexed' on Google, but it has a 'Coming Soon' page until I have filled all its content. Is it better to just have it public and keep adding to it or is it fine just having a 'Coming Soon' page and then publishing it at once?

Thank you!

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Loes Premium
Once your site is live, do everything humanly possible to keep it up and serving content.

Set the post to private and publish it when the content is on

That' s my 2 cents
stevecox Premium
OUTSTANDING question Bryan !
BryanLarkin Premium
Thanks Steve, there's me thinking it was a stupid one. ;)
Let's sit patiently to be given an answer.

Have a splendid weekend.
stevecox Premium
Bryan - NOT a stupid question at all! I am anxious to hear responses also.

Hope you have a splendid weekend the beach picture by the way!