Hi everyone, when you want to make a change on your post, you go to wordpress and under the menu "post" you select the post that you want to edit. when you scroll down there is "All in one SEO Pack" below your post. Do I have to fill in this part for every post ?

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Mark-AI Premium
I would.

That section is where your plug-in adds meta tags to your webpage. A lot of people would argue that they are obsolete as search engines are smart enough to select a preview snippet of your page in the SERPS however...

Why let a computer decide what other people are going to see? Filling in the description yourself gives you an oppertunity to make your web page stand out from the other 9 competators that are also being displayed to your customer.

Remember it is all the little things that will lead to a big advantage over your competition.
linsay Premium
OK thanks for your answer. I took note.
hagstf Premium
Yes, you should always fill in the meta title and description.

In case you missed this, Jay did a great training on this topic last week
linsay Premium
Thank you for the link ! I'll watch it