Hi Fam, does bing webmaster give everyone an alert about their blog roll having too many H1 headers on the page? It's crazy if that means that every post I've published with H1 default is what it's bots are fetching from my blog...Does anyone have an idea why this could be?

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Triblu Premium
Hey Neil,

You may find the following post explaining H tags helpful: Hope this helps you.
EmakAmelia Premium
It is their SEO suggestion for you. You should only have 1 H1 heading which is your blog title.

Headings are great to help improve your readers' experience (great for SEO as well).

Here’s what the structure of a post might look like:

H1: Ballet shoes are awesome

H2: Why we think ballet shoes are awesome
H3: They don’t just come in pink!
(type your content here)
H3: You can use them for more than just dancing
(type more content)
H3: They might be less expensive than you think
(type your content)

H2: Where should you buy your ballet shoes?
H3: The 10 best ballet equipment websites
(your content)
H3: Our favorite local dancing shops
(your content)

I hope this helps.

neilkasem Premium
I think it's looking at all my posts on my blog roll and each post has H1 headings. But I'm following the format you said for each post on my blog post page. I have a homepage
feigner Premium
if it is your home page and it is setup as a blog roll - don't worry about it
but if it is on your posts then only the title should be h1 it should not be used elsewhere in the article
it maybe down to having ' you may also like' at the bottom showing the titles as h1 text...
normally isn't a problem...except to bing....google understands that it is not part of your atricle from the words - bing has to catch up soon...i hope....
good luck
anywhere you see a title of an article it could be construed as a h1 tag - so adding posts excerpts in the sidebar or you may also like or related posts will also have them
neilkasem Premium
Bingo yes I have a home page, it's my blog roll page they're tripping about. By default it's H1 on every post title so it's reading it as one long page or post which is just silly.. So I shouldn't worry about it then?
feigner Premium
i wouldn't worry about it
it is only bing that has an issue with it - google understands....
unless there is a plugin to deal with it - but personally i wouldn't worry...
neilkasem Premium
I'm not going to..It like you said google an 't tripping just bing. I just hate seeing the BIG RED HIGH SEVERITY alerts...Thank you
neilkasem Premium
Here are the alerts: Remove redundant <h1> tags from the page source, so that only one <h1> tag exists.

These pages have more than one <h1> tag. Multiple <h1> header tags might confuse search engine bots and website's users. It is recommended to use only one <h1> tag per page.
AbieAJ Premium
Great question, looking forward to comments.