Hi, I followed Kyle's video on bing site verification but keep getting

"web exception status: Connectfail

Canonical Name Records No data available

We did not detect verify.bing.com in the CNAME records for the host.

I checked my SEO and the correct code is saved.

Any ideas?



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nathaniell Premium Plus
How are you trying to verify, through all in one seo or manually?
BruceS Premium
Hi Nathaniell,
I pasted the code into all in one SEO as shown in Kyle's video
nathaniell Premium Plus
If that's not working, you can try to do it manually. Just double check that the code was copied first, as the manual way can be a bit confusing for newbies.

This training should help, it's pretty clear:
BruceS Premium
Hi Nathanielle,
Thanks for the reply.I have just sorted it out.I had my address as https instead of http that seemed to be the problem.
thanks again.