I'm trying to submit a new URL in Google. When I click to Search Console link, this is what if get from Google: Hm. Something isn't right. We're checking into it now.
Please let us know in our Help Forum.

When I go into Help Forum it's like a repeating link from hell.

Any suggestions?

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Nancy29 Premium
It's been a rough few days. I have a monster cold that won't quit and I'm in slow motion. Sorry I'm getting back to you all so late. I appreciate each of you taking the time to respond.

I tried all recommendations and this is where I'm at for the moment.

I can submit may desired url by going in via searchconsole.google.com I'm assuming that means I don't need to resubmit but that could be wrong.

Someone from the Google Community just contacted me and I'll see what he as to offer.

In the meantime, by using a work-around, I'm still in business.

Again, thanks to each of you!
Aussiemuso Premium
Make sure you have cleared your cache in Site Manager, this might help.

Lily 😊
Nancy29 Premium
Done! Thanks for reminding me!
timstime20 Premium
Triblu comments look good
Nancy29 Premium
They were very helpful. Thanks!
Triblu Premium
Hey Nancy,

Google searching the prompt you received, it sounds like perhaps your site MAY need to be verified, again.

Here's why I am suggesting this MIGHT be the issue: https://support.google.com/webmasters/forum/AAAA2Jdx3sUdykpcesvUYE/?hl=en&gpf;=#!topic/webmasters/dykpcesvUYE

There were several forum discussions and some mentioned having to re-verify their site.

Hope you find this helpful.
Nancy29 Premium
When I went in to resubmit, I started by going to searchconsole.google.com and the page I needed popped up, so I just went with that.

Thanks so much for the very helpful link; I appreciate it!
feigner Premium
are you going to
for the search console.
if you are then press the ctrl button and tap the f5 key to refresh the page and bypass the browser cache and see what that does
good luck
Nancy29 Premium
I tried this, but it didn't work.

HOWEVER, since I'm working on a Chromebook, I learned something new thanks to you.

There is no row of "F" keys on Chromebooks, but there is a button that functions in the same way. Thanks to your recommendation, I did a search, and now the purpose of one little key is no longer a mystery to me!

Many thanks!