Hello Amazing Community!

So, I have both AIO SEO Pack and Google XML Sitemap Generator Plug ins activated for as long as my website existed and I never encountered any problem. But then I noticed a few days ago a warning that says,

"All In One SEO Pack has detected other active SEO or sitemap plugins. We recommend that you deactivate the following plugins to prevent any conflicts: Google XML Sitemap Generator."

Anyone else got this warning?

Should I deactivate Google XML Sitemap Generator?

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        jmg52 Premium
        Great question. Trish provided a great answer
        MinaKim Premium
        Hi -- May I ask, why do you have a separate plugin for Sitemap? is it better?
        I'm using All-In-SEO too, you know, as per training. And it has already a sort of "built in" / "add ons" that includes sitemap.

        So, is it better to have a separate xml generator plugin for SEO?

        LMH1968 Premium
        Triblu has a great answer for you
        LatinNomad Premium
        I think Trish`s reply is the way to go.
        Triblu Premium
        Hey Alice,

        Here's what I did: Hope this helps you make your decision.
        Alysanna Premium
        Thanks Trish,

        I'll go give it a try.