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Search Engine Optimization - Classroom Overview
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website so you can achieve the highest…
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Bing and yahoo like me, but google doesn't!?
Hi everyone, Does anybody know why Google would be taking so long to accept my articles and to rank…
7 minutes ago 13 Replies
How do you include the cookie disclaimer on your website?
Hi allI have no cookie disclaimer on my site. Do you know how to inlude it.As always thank you in advanceAll…
2 hours ago 19 Replies
I have all in one seo and the seo framework how I operate?
Both or One or the Other? Which one is better and practical? How I operate? Teach me Please Thanks :)
6 hours ago 10 Replies
What are these waumaudau terms in ga?
Does anybody know what's the meaning of these terms in the GA?It is under Engagement Overview =>…
  7 hours ago 6 Replies
Google search console and google analytics how I do it?
Google Search Console and Google Analytics how I do it? How to verify? Where to insert? Teach me Please…
  9 hours ago 3 Replies
What are the signs indications my blog is going to be?
Successful or total failure. How's that measured? Graphs Charts etc. What am I looking for? Hungry for…
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Teach me jaaxy? please thanks :)
Teach me Jaaxy please Thanks :)
17 hours ago 4 Replies
Should we hear from google on every post that's indexed?
Just curious - should we expect an email from Google every time we post an article and it gets indexed.…
22 hours ago 7 Replies
Google is de-indexing my posts- can you help?
Hi AllThank you for your help in advanceFrom the 24th of August to the 12th of October Google has de-indexed…
1 day ago 33 Replies
Can I delete a site and just start rebuilding?
I started a niche site and abandoned it. Not the niche, the name or the site itself, just started at…
1 day ago 7 Replies
How can I create cookie disclaimer?
How can I create Cookie Disclaimer?
3 days ago 14 Replies
What will happen when I change the post title?
If I change the post title , also the pirmalink, is there anything else I need to do?
3 days ago 14 Replies
How can I change the seo keywords ?
Every time I make a blog I always place a keyword in the SEO below it but when I open the over all SEO…
4 days ago 1 Reply
Bing seo report on post says this. what should I do?
1 Evaluated size of HTML is estimated to be over 125 KB and risks not being fully cached2 The tag does…
4 days ago 40 Replies
Page speed google or wa site domain to run the speed check?
When you run a speed check on your posts, do you normally check it at the WA Site Domain or the Page…
5 days ago 15 Replies
Why doesn't this sign look green?
I found my post ranked, but the sing is grey. what's the reason? How can turn iy into green one?
5 days ago 13 Replies
How do I resolve the sitemap.xml problem?
When I test sitemap.xml, it shows an error.This phrase appears to me:The sitemap file shows the HTML…
6 days ago 9 Replies
Why is a blog post ranking for a totally different keyword?
I was just checking my rankings inside of Jaaxy and I noticed that one of my review posts is ranking…
6 days ago 7 Replies
What do you do when an object is no longer available?
I have a roundup review of table saws, one of which I am using myself.But it is more than 10 years old,…
1 week ago 5 Replies
I have asked before but this breadcrumb thing?
Sorry all at it again asking questions ha ha My site in google search console is showing that my site…
1 week ago 13 Replies
Do I paste the entire url post in the jaaxy site rank?
In the Site Rank of Jaaxy, if you want to check a post is getting ranking or not on the first page of…
1 week ago 21 Replies
How to go incognito wit google or another browser?
Hello everyone and Happy Thursday hope everyone is having a great week so far. I have a question for…
1 week ago 11 Replies
Use the plugin 'autoptimize', yes or no?
As I have been reading a lot that the use of to many plugins is not good for the speed of your site,…
1 week ago 13 Replies
How important is seo ranking when building a site name?
I am still searching for a site name and came across a keyword with these ranking statsAvg Traffic QSR…
1 week ago 4 Replies
Why does aioseo say my focus keyphrase not in the seo title?
My focus keyphrase is "The Poor Man's Covered Call".My SEO title is The Poor Man's Covered Call.But…
1 week ago 2 Replies
How to link gsc to bing webmaster account?
Can we link a GSC account to a Bing Webmaster Tools account?I couldn't find it in the GSC settings either.Thank…
1 week ago 8 Replies
Why has my seo score dropped?
Hi GuysHope you are all well.I recently updated an old post of mine. Added couple of new sentences.However,…
1 week ago 8 Replies
Why there is no data show on my ga account?
I just kept wondering why my GA has no data to show for the last 3 months? However, on the Bing Webmaster…
1 week ago 17 Replies
Aioseo score is na. can this be fixed?
Hello WA. My latest blog post got a score of N/A. I thought it had all the elements needed. Is there…
1 week ago 7 Replies
Should I use keywords in the seo feature?
Should I use keywords in my meta description? I haven't added them to any post in that separate section…
2 weeks ago 16 Replies
How does changing pages and posts affect your ranking ?
Hi, I'm updating and changing my pages and first posts a lot. I'm still learning about how to use…
2 weeks ago 13 Replies
What exactly is lcp and how do I improve it?
My LCP on google console isn't bad,but not so good either. (see screenshot below)I don't know what that…
2 weeks ago 7 Replies
How do you rank with podcasts and videos with seo?
Content, content contentThat is what our training is all about concerning SEOHowever, they are several…
2 weeks ago 42 Replies
Can I request a google crawl?
I seem to remember seeing an earlier question about having Google crawl someone's site to update after…
2 weeks ago 7 Replies
Aio seo not saving meta descriptions after updating post?
I just noticed today that the meta descriptions are not being saved for the posts that I have recently…
2 weeks ago 16 Replies
Is there a size limit on xml sitemap?
Hello business friends,How is everyone doing? I would like to know if anyone know the size limit of…
2 weeks ago 21 Replies
Is monsterinsights & aioseo the same?
Is it necessary to have both Monsterinsights & AIOSEO connected to my site?
2 weeks ago 18 Replies
Any tutorial on wa on why some posts are not indexed?
I'm pretty confused about why some blog posts are not indexing on my site. This includes older posts…
2 weeks ago 12 Replies
Do I need this plugin?
HiApologies if this seems a silly question. I have the plugin - " WP Content Copy Protection & No…
2 weeks ago 5 Replies
What is the target aioseo score when writing articles?
I notice the AIOSEO score changes as I type my article. It's in the 70's but I don't know what a good…
3 weeks ago 8 Replies
My website is ready to go how can I force google to index?
My website is ready to go How can I force Google to index?
3 weeks ago 18 Replies
Sessions, page views, average durations, and bounce rate?
I need to understand fully those four items that i mentioned above, anyone can tell me where i can fine…
3 weeks ago 3 Replies
Setting goals for a new website?
What is a reasonable goal for page views and visits in the early stages of a new website?
3 weeks ago 4 Replies
Dash in domain name affecting rankings?
Hi, has anyone got a dash in their domain name, and does it affect your ranking much? I managed to get…
3 weeks ago 5 Replies
Why is my google analytics at zero?
I was getting about 80 visitors per month on my website.When I checked my analytics today, there is…
3 weeks ago 14 Replies
What is the correct way to do google pagespeed insight test?
Hi, I would like to ask, when I test my website in Google PageSpeed Insight, the score that I've got…
3 weeks ago 6 Replies
Google search console update? no more update after 17.sep
Hi, it seems that for my site, the last update from Google Search Console is on 17.Sepo.2021. No more…
3 weeks ago 5 Replies
Is 1000 word count a must for search engine ranking?
On the keyword rich content template there is a 1000 minimum word count requirement.However, I have…
3 weeks ago 9 Replies