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Having been laid off from my last full time job back in October 2017, I followed an intensive regime of getting my Wealthy Affiliate work up to speed and my affiliate marketing websites to a point where I could truly leverage them out there on the world wide web. I did this for about six months, whilst also looking for a new full time position, while my WA sites build some momentum. Eight weeks ago I started a new full time position, a role that is completely new to me having come from an elect
One of the best ways to get leads on the Internet is by getting a product mention or a free link on another website. Effective online marketing is all about putting your product or service in front of potential customers at the exact time that they are looking for it. This technique is known as “pinpoint marketing”.Pinpoint marketing is much different than advertising on radio or television, which are known as “interruptive marketing” techniques. Interruptive marketing c
I did chuckle to myself on reading an article headlined as ‘It's More Likely You Will Survive a Plane Crash or Win the Lottery, than Click a Banner Ad’.Now. I’ve got nothing against banner ads, especially when they are part of a well-strategized integrated marketing plan. My issue with many marketing campaigns is the balance marketers put between the level of spending on ads, and the overall internet user experience.Quite often the time, man hours and budget invested into thin
Say the words "email marketing" and many people immediately think of spam, and as a result immediately dismiss it as a marketing option. This is where the skill of the affiliate marketer comes into play as it's your job to make your email campaigns an experience that your readers will find enjoyable - so much so that they will want to open and read them. Sound far-fetched. Not at all. Here are some great ideas on how to make your emails campaigns a success.Top Tip No.1To make sure your emails a
I was recently reading a great blog post, from the good people at Target Internet, about the recent growth of the foremost social media platforms. To say that I was a little surprised at the result would be an understatement. And for this reason, I wanted to share it with you all here at WA.In Q1 of every year there is an abundance of new statistics around the usage, the demographics and overall growth of most social media platforms. These numbers are invaluable for us affiliate marketers, as w
Did you know that the average marketer spends, on average, between sixty and ninety minutes crafting a 500-word blog post. That's a lot of time spent on just one shorter-than-average post. Worse still, all that time can simply go to waste if the post fails to attract any traffic, thereby resulting in it failing to be digested by your target audience.So to help, here are 6 top tips to help you get the most from your writing time so you can create blog posts that your audience will want to read,
Hi WA family,So... As part of the new Super Affiliate program one thing that has become apparent is that we all need to up our game on Wealthy Affiliate blogging. In the past, for me at least, blogging's been the kind of thing I have only done when I feel inspired to do so. So my immediate response to a definitive blogging schedule is that it seems to me to feel a little too 'structured' - and not so spontaneous as I my psyche prefers! I guess it's the creative in me that doesn't like to be bou
Wow. What a lovely surprise to wake up to. This morning I turn on my laptop and up pops a window announcing that I am now a Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador. I am both amazed and truly flattered.For me being an active person at Wealthy Affiliate is all part of the enjoyment of WA membership. I love the community spirit and that we all help and learn from each other... and long may it continue. Kyle and Carson have created a fantastic platform for learning and interaction here at WA and I'm so glad
Time and time again I've seen websites across the internet that fall foul of some critical design and usability issues. Whilst the owners' intentions are good, they fail to address the need of the reader.So, I thought it about time that I put finger to keypad and highlight ten mistakes that webmasters should look to avoid.1. Too many gadgets and embellishmentsIt's easy to keep adding widgets, buttons, bells and whistles to your website, especially the sidebar, but it can be confusing for the re
Nowadays, placing an image on your site isn't just a simple case of uploading and publishing. To optimize your website for the best search results, there's a couple of things you should be doing before you actually make them live on the internet.Editing Your ImagesFirstly, don’t worry if you do not have access to Adobe PhotoShop as there are several free web-based image editing tools to help you. These websites offer free tools that make it easy to crop, resize, and edit your images: Pic