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I signed up for my first affileate program late yesterday. After carefully reviewing other artists website with sucessful affiliate programs and reviewing the programs they implemented into there website, I took the plunge and signed up.I was approved right away with Shareasale. Then I apply for the affiliate I was interested in. They accepted my application for review and said it would be two-three days before I would know if I was approved.Well to my surprise at 2pm today they sent me an emai
May 30, 2016
May we give the Highest Honor to my brothers and sisters how have served our country The United States of America. They gave there lives in service to our country that we may live in peace. Will you take a moment of time to remember them this day and every day.Thank you
I would like to get to know the artists in the WA community to share our works of art and help each other by following on social media. Also if we could help each other with online marketing ideas, basically support each other.
May 28, 2016
With so many options available in the online marketing world it can be over whelming. What niche to pick, which of my interests will really work to make money. We all want to be successful and grow a fruitful business. Making that right choose can delay some in moving forward. I found myself perplexed for a time at first. I couldn't see exactly how my interest (niche) could really become an online money making website. Being an artist, how could I make that niche really work. There wasn't any o
May 25, 2016
To start with its been great, Ive learned so much already and have no regrets in joining WA, but one. I wish I knew about WA 3 years ago. I started my first website 3 years ago and was totaly lost in the process with no resources to help me. My website lacked content and suffered for it. Not being a writer at all and having no inspiration to write. I didn't connect with the need to add content. I thought people would visit my site to see my paintings not read posts. Well being here at WA has op
If you are new to WA I would like to welcome you. If your like me I searched thru endless websites looking for the right place to learn how to start and be successful with an online business. You have arrived at the right place. Wealthy Affiliates teaching and outstanding group of friendly, experienced members will smooth out the difficult roads and straighten those tuff corners ahead of you. Hang in there. You Can Do It. I wish you much Success !
May 23, 2016
Just thought I would throw out a word of encouragement. Ever felt like your burning the candle at both ends, so-to-speak. I can totally relate. Learning how to write on top of marketing ext... With the awesome help of WA members and all the teaching resources you can be sucessful. Take it One Day at a Time.