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January 24, 2018
Congratulations to all of those chosen to work with Kyle in the Super Affiliate pilot program. I am humbled to have been accepted and look forward to work with all of those who were chosen.let us all strive to share our successes in Vegas in 2019Pierre"Change nothing, nothing changes"
October 27, 2017
I have been missing from the community the last few weeks, due to work commitments and travel, now seems I will have to side step some more obstacles to get and training done or answer any questions. Next week is registration for the Spring 18 semester here at school and since I'm an adviser I will be busy. I will pop in from time to time when i can. Pierre A man’s success should be measured, not so much by the position he has reached as by the obstacles which he has overcome.
Moving on up I just completed Course 4 and about to start 5
September 02, 2017
Ok I just learned something today, you have to hit publish to post these LOL, I found 2 drafts when I came in to post an update. I purchased a domain and created my site this was done way back in July and never got posted. I am now on course 4 lesson 8 I have completed the social networking chores and must say although, I teach computer technology it is all about connection and security of the systems. What I have learned here at Wealthy affiliates is about networking with people and especial
September 01, 2017
Moving on up, just completed course 2, am now ready for course 3 Making Money!!!Thanks to Kyle and all those who helped me along the way.
August 14, 2017
Hi all, just wanted to post my progress so far here in Wealthy Affiliate. I have been progressing through the lessons, of course not as fast as I would like. I am on lesson 10 of course 2 which instructs you to list your progress. I have learned a lot about creating a profitable online business during these few lessons. In the past when I was dabbling in online marketing I hit it with the shotgun approach, started putting ads up right away, buying clicks using click exchange programs, etc. Non
August 09, 2017
Wow, Ok my site was indexed by Google, now comes the traffic YEA!
August 01, 2017
+Just completed lesson ten
July 26, 2017
Ok I'm convinced that this is the place to brush up on my limited knowledge, so I upgraded to premium.