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European e-commerce is booming. This is apparent from the new European B2C Ecommerce Report published by Ecommerce Europe, the European umbrella organisation for online retailers. European online revenue of goods and services grew by 19% to reach €311.6 billion in 2012. The EU28 (including Croatia, joining the EU as of 1 July 2013) reached €276.5 billion, or 88.7% of total European e-sales, a growth of 18.1%. Ecommerce Europe figures are compiled in cooperation with various e-commerce assoc
August 01, 2014
Having read quite a few comments about smartphones my thoughts are; We are very fortunate to live in this era of a technology obsessed world!. If it were not for all this great and amazing technology, we would not be here posting or creating online businesses? (remember when you had to write a letter buy a stamp and put it in the send box t the post office -not that long ago!?) I Love it. and as annoying as they might be to some, smartphones-lest we forget- are an integral part and driving forc
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July 16, 2014
Hi, I am Richard Bekker from Durban South Africa. I have been involved in engineering all my life and I'm currently a Cad/Cam CnC programmer / Tooling designer about to retire within 2 years. Digital Marketing would be the ideal pastime to retire with especially if it's making one a decent living. I have studied with Shaw Academy (UK) -Online Marketing- and this seems to be the obvious next step to take towards pursuing my latest passion. Which is to have a lucrative online affiliate driven s
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