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September 09, 2018
Light My Path.When we walk in the path of light, certain things take place. There comes a peace of mind that go beyond all understanding. We control or take Authority over our emotions, which are our eyes, ears, taste, touch and smell. Humbling yourself today also give us hope for tomorrow.Fill The Fire.Filling the heart with fire and desire in them, that love what they do. Sending forth the fire shall renew a strong passion to do. The Creator is that light fire who built all things we can thi
August 28, 2018
DOES AND DON'T 4 WORKERS. The use of temp workers has moved forward with a strong growth spell. Temp workers possess other titles including: carpenters, plumbers, fork list drivers, electricians, lawn and care, warehousing, snow removal, doctors, nurses, accountants, financial officers, assembly-line.WORKPLACE RIGHTS 101.A lot of people often think that they have legal rights at work. Many people think that it’s illegal to be fired sent home, or that it’s illegal for their man in
MY GOAL IS TO REACH THE TOP. The Ground Floor is a level place in the mind filled with good things to think about. Sometimes waiting on the wife to go to sleep to find that quite time. Now I can get all the hot juice thoughts creative thoughts flowing. I pressing in all the way, all is well. Quite Time. My fingers Running the keyboard, Well depending on how I refer to the ground floor I call it the inner room and the connecting levels are called help. The ground floor changes the room of the mi