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Hi everyone!I just noticed that I made my first sale on my new website! Small, of course, but I did not expect it! I have been searching for different ways to get myself out there and have been trying hard. This has made me quite happy.Just wanted to share :)Have a great day everyone!
I would usually get stuck or end at around the 800 - 900 word but today I managed to reach 1523! I'm very happy with this! It was easier that expected since it was a specific topic that I truly like! Just wanted to share my small goal :) P.S. I wrote TWO articles in one day! YES!
January 21, 2019
If I'm being honest, some days I worry that some small mistake may cause that I never reach my goal but I've learned to read blogs and comments from others here at WA. It has helped a lot and I have also learned a lot. I'm currently on my way to finish the second lesson and I'm very happy about it. My website looks better than what it did at the beginning and my articles are looking nicer. I love the community and how helpful and friendly everyone is. I want to thank you all for being amazing!
I'm so excited to be getting this badge. Step forward is always exiting no mater how small it may be.