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January 05, 2017
So I have taken a long break from my website and the time to change is now. My personal problems that were keeping me at bay have finally resolved and life has taken such a great turn I can't even begin to describe how awesome it is getting back to creating content again. My vision for 2017 and the success that I will achieve on my website is crystal clear and I am so grateful I have learned all I have from WA. They really are helping me change my life one step at a time. Here's to the new year
November 05, 2015
So I was looking around for some new keywords to write posts about when I discovered this little gem.That is my site. My post. A post I spent a day or two on is on page 3 of google. Sure it's not the front page, but the fact that I am only 2 pages away from being a front page link in google is so exciting that I can't contain myself. This stuff works guys. It really does. I knew nothing about website development or online businesses until WA and here I am three months later being ranked on page
Hey everyone! So the last post I wrote was about the successful plan I finally received to make my online business work with my music making. Well today I completed another goal in my ventures. I successfully created a home recording studio that allows me to record music digitally. The amount of excitement I have attained from this is unbearable!This has been a goal of mine for well over 2 years and the fact that I am living the dream I set out to accomplish is something almost overwhelming. I
SO have you ever been stuck in a rut? Like absolutely confused and indecisive about what to do with the day and where to take life right now? Who hasn't right?I have been there really recently. I was stuck doing my bartending job around 40-50 hours of week and boy is it taxing on the nerves. Especially when I was experiencing anxiety, paranoia, and absolutely worry that I wouldn't be able to handle these grueling shifts.I know you guys know what I'm talking about. When haven't you had a day at
So one thing I have definitely seen by researching other blogs and niche sites is that people hide affiliate links in plain site sometimes. And sometimes they aren't in plain site. For example, I've seen people put in affiliate links in the About me page on their site that link back to Wealthy Affiliate. Another thing I've seen is some sites have sidebars that are filled with affiliate programs the author of that site is promoting. The author may not include one affiliate link in their post but
October 08, 2015
Hi everyone. Well I feel like quite a success. My website is looking more and more professional every time i see it. I have pages of content, comments on every post I make, a social sharing and social following widgets, and a nice amount of images and media. I made my first review post about an affiliate product that I'm promoting on my site through Clickbank. It felt great to make a nice step forward in earning real income for myself. Additionally, I'm almost done with the certification course
Hi guys. So this is more of a question than an explanation. Basically, I wanted to change the extension of my webstie to .com instead of the .me. However, the only available domains I can find aren't identical to my domain now. I know I have to change my domain if I want to have a .com extension but I don't know how that will affect any traffic I'm getting now. Is it worth having the more popular domain? If anyone has experience with this I would love some opinions. Thank guys and best wishes!
Hi everyone. So my website has been coming along quite nicely. Now that I have a sense on how to operate it and what to write in my posts, I wanted to join affiliate networks that would allow me to promote music educational material. My site right now ( is currently all about writing music. However, I wanted to expand this idea into how to read music, music philosophy and I wanted to sell my own music on my site. This way I could promote products along with selling my
September 16, 2015
So I did training classroom 2 lesson 10 recently. The exercise was to make one blog post and comment on other's questions and comments. Just doing that took my rank from the high 3,000s to the 2218. It took such little work I'm going to keep doing that and more to better my rank. Has anyone else found this improvement or any other successes with the community?
September 15, 2015
Hey Guys. I wanted to share my new site with you. I take a lot of pride in this website because I have a deep passion for music and education. Check it out over here: have learned so much through the classroom courses and encourage anyone just starting out to do them at your own pace. Taking notes on the videos really helped me when I faced a course I needed more time to complete. I hope you guys like the site and please leave any comments. I'm always looking for any