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I have been so impressed with all the help and information that flows through Wealthy Affiliates! Besides advising newbies to follow the training, what would be your best tip to newcomers to help them succeed in earning money online?My favorite tip is to suggest that they follow the top 50 members here at WA so they can then receive training, tips and advice from those that are achieving success online. What's your favorite tip? Please share your best piece of advice to help the newest memb
Have you submitted an application to CJ Affiliate? I don't understand this portion of the application to see if or how this applies to me as far as blogging and linkiing back to one of their advertisers. Yay, have gotten the Software policy issue addressed! It doesn't apply to me as a blogger only. Whew. Thanks for the responses. I'm happily moving on to working with CJ Affiliates to promote their affiliated companies
Today, Americans are observing Memorial Day. Today is not just a day to rush out for sales on cars, or refrigerators, but instead has special meaning for any that have lost a loved one in the service of our country. Our freedom is a result of the thousands that have given their all and to their families that paid the ultimate sacrifice. To those that have fallen in the service of our country, we honor you. We will never understand the horrors of war, the days and nights spent in the freezing co
It saddens me to learn of yet ANOTHER school shooting. Families are dealing with another tragedy in their homes and community and it's just another day in our world. Many of the shooters have mental health issues and others have been victime of school bullying or abuse in the home. Is it because we have too many guns in our society?Unfortunately, even if we banned all the guns, the perpetrator would find another way. Can we ban all the homemade bombs? No. Can we stop them from using a car?
May 03, 2018
Just had some issues with this and discovered that my site was not secure. Look at your URL in the field with your website name at the top of the screen and make sure the padlock is in a locked position. If it does not, then you should contact Site Support to have them help you to secure your website.I have no idea what they did, but it took a few weeks to work their magic and fix my issue. When I did a couple of site comments for other WA members, I noticed both of their websites were not se
My first few months with WA has been pretty crazy to say the least. I'm sure like many of the non-techy newbies, much of the activity in WA can seem so foreign. Many of the terms are truly like learning a new language! There's such a steep learning curve and just trying to keep up with all the information coming at you from all directions can be overwhelming.I have been up and I have been down, going round and round in certain phases of the learning where at times, I went through weeks of try
April 13, 2018
As a newbie, I am trying to soak up all the information that is coming at me from all the great people that I follow in WA. I had a primitive system of creating a folder titled WA and moving the WA posts to that folder. The problem was, it was so unorganized that I had to scroll and scroll to try to find the post I was looking for.Brainstorm!I sort my website posts into buckets since I have more than one site. So I had an epiphany and created a seperate bucket titled WA and used a blank page
I just started blogging and a LOT of the set up and website design stuff is WAY over my head. I followed the training and started adding categories and headings and the formatting didn't work out well. All the blogs would appear if you clicked on the individual categories, the About page came up instead of the blogs for that category, etc. I was totally frustrated and was ready to hire someone to fix these issues for me. Luckily, I couldn't find anyone to freelance and help me BUT I just no