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March 14, 2016
I've been concentrating REALLY hard on trying to make money recently. I not only need it myself, but to help other family members out of their various predicaments too. And this morning I finally have TIME to start focusing and getting to work on my websites etc etc as it's term break. 5 whole days to get down to it. So here I am, all ready, and what do I see? The repeated 666 in my ranking. The last time I saw repeated numbers (meaning the universe is trying to get through to me) was the 444s.
October 22, 2015
This is my first blog so please excuse me if I make a mistake but I really had to start today when I saw my rank was 4444.It's not because I think I need to improve my ranking. It's the fact that it's a repeating number. And there are four 4s. That has to mean something! I checked out the meaning and guess what it means? Actually I had a feeling I knew intuitively. Gosh it doesn't take a lot of intuition to know. Even if you have a quick read through my profile you could probably give me the sa