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I am a retired postal worker and recently recieved a bachelors degree that I worked on for 16 years as I deliever mail. However, I want to be independent and not have to work for someone else. I am not very tech savy but so far I have been learning a lot.

I am caring for my elderly mother and must drive 150 miles every week to her house where is no high speed internet access and very poor modem access. I recently found a library 12 miles from her house so I will be going there and using my laptop while I am visiting her.

I must say this affiliate marketing seems like an enormous task but I have the time and determination to take it to the ultimate.

I have twin grandsons who are 5 years old and are a "riot". They live in Florida and I don't get to see them very often. I think the grandparents and the grandchildren are the poorer for having to live so far away from each other as is often the case now days.

My hobby is reading and (like most women) shopping. but I would still be riding horses if I had them. I also used to ride motorcyles but was in a bad wreck and, wisely, I don't do that anymore.

I would love to have some buddy's to discuss affiliate marketing and other interesting things with. Give me a shout!
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Stacydee Premium
Hi, how's things going for you? Is there anything you need help with?
s hayes Premium
Stacey, I am so sorry i didn't respond to you comment. I had to stop everything and care for my mother in her last days. She passed away recently and I am able to continue my WA work. My website is coming along but I have much more to learn. If you would like to offer comments on it I would love to hear them. You are a veteran at WA compared to me. LOL I visited your website and love it. I hope mine looks as good someday.
With age comes life experience and your intro suggests you have ample to draw from that you can transfer to a successful affiliate marketing career. Being "new and a complete baby" is not an affliction you suffer alone. There are plenty of those here at WAU learning to walk then run. Enjoy your journey.
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family
s hayes Premium
Hi everyone. This is my first day really studying at WA. Due to my mom's illness and traveling back and forth to help her. I don't know much about technology really so I am not sure what some of the terms used mean but I am learning and I know I will have a steep learning curve. But as in all things you have to try before you succeed. I have started a notebook but I don't really know how to organize it yet. Hopefully that will come to me. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks and
s hayes Premium
Hi everyone. I am new and a complete baby at this. It is my first day and I am doing the 8week marketing plan. Hope to chat with some of you soon.