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My name is Ryan Rall, I am 38 yrs old Happily married to MaryAnn my wife of 14 yrs. and I have four boys & we're expecting our fifth in December of 2012 . That is partly one of the reasons for learning and getting involved w/ internet marketing is to better support my family . I am a concrete contractor in Southern California. I specialize in custom home foundations & stamped concrete . In fact that's one of the niche sites I am looking into starting is ' how to finish concrete' or something to that effect . I like dirt bikes , camping , spending time w/ the family . taking them to church etc. etc. I hope to one day be doing IM'ing full time which will allow me more time to do the above mentioned :^)
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lanesamarie Premium
Hello Ryan and thanks for the follow!
No prob, I liked your blog about your first WA customer congrats
onlinewealth Premium
Ryan good luck in your pursuit of doing IM full time. Hopefully you will have plenty of time to do the things you love. Hows it going so far?