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April 06, 2014
As I build this business it has become addicting or I am very excited about being here. I think both. Little by little I seem to be moving forward. There is so much to learn and it is all very good learning. I wish I was able to remember more faster but that is the way we are. Everyone is different and has a different pace. I plan and think about this more all the time but I try to keep my time in perspective so the rest of my life doesn't get pushed behind. I still do have other responsi
Oh Yes!!! I'm sorry. It happened again. The long months are always the worst. Yes, I strive to manage my budget so that I can shorten the time span to the end of the month from "More month than money" to "More money than month". So far I am not very successful. It can only be as successful as the weakest link in the chain of events in ones life. I have learned that a person has to change his life in a way that you are more careful who you rely on and there will be less embarrassing mome
I just though thought I would make a litle correction on my down but not out blog. That blog was actually written on about Feb 17 but because I didn't have any privalages at the time it wasn't posted and I just saw it the other day and wasn't going to post it but then thought I may as well. It is just history in the making. I thought it might not make much sense with the date for march 20 and then my other blog just after it for my site. Anyway all is well and I am working on getting my site
Well, this has been a real experience. A dream that I have been working on for almost ten years now. For the better part of my life I have been self employed in some way or another. Yes, I have worked many other jobs but they just didn't have the same success ring to them. After I had learned to use the computer without getting into a fight with it, I started to realize there was something more to this contraption but I didn't know how to figure it out what it was. One day through my explo
March 19, 2014
Hi everyone. This is a short note to let everyone know that I have not disappeared. I am having that beginner hick-up syndrome with the other busy stuff that obligated me when I was starting out. I will get everything in order and I will be back in full forward or at least as full forward as I can be. Thanks for all the follows and all your support. I am totally in awe at how wonderful this WA community is. Take care and I will see you next week if all goes well. Thanks again. Randy P
March 11, 2014
I want to thank everyone for all of your suggestions and support helping me choose a domain name; I. had other ideas as well but then re - read Kyle's blog on choosing a domain name and realized I was getting to picky so made my decision and will see how well it will turn out. This is education at its best. Now forward to decied on my web name. Thanks again. Randy