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I am a Registered Onsite Wastewater Practitioner (ROWP). I have worked hard for this recognition for 4 years along with building my offline business. My future in this industry is very limited by the northern winters being about 6 months long and my sanity is limited by the sheer boredom of that 6 month holiday! In an attempt to stem the boredom this winter I went in search of the potential of working in the Medical Transcription field.

This is where WA comes in... I found a glimmer of honesty in a Google search result that produced Eddy Solomon's site even though this had very little to do with what I was originally looking for. {Good work Eddy for keyword usage!!}

I take honesty VERY seriously! Ethics in business is essential to long term business growth! This was proven to me when I attended my fathers funeral service earlier this month in a small community that is classed as a Village and over 400 people attended to say goodbye. Only 20 were family the rest were customers! I can proudly say I learned customer service and ethics from one of the best!

I took Eddy's advice on how to spot a scam and did my research (for 5 full days!) I did find some negativity towards WA but it was not backed up with any stories of how they were wronged by WA and they were very quick to suggest the company they were affiliated with. So, I checked them out only to find TONS of negativity.

With the amount of money I have spent on education over the years I felt that $97 was a very fair price for a month to "test the waters" so I jumped in. Over the first 3 hours on the site as a member I have come to the conclusion that this is going to be a long friendship!

I am no stranger to reading, learning, research and the hard work involved in building a successful business. So here I am ready to start the Action Plan and learn how to apply it to my new online business as well as my offline business.

PS: My profile picture is the view out the window by my desk. I'm sure I don't need to explain further as to why I would like to work from home!
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Kimbo4413 Premium
Great Intro and Welcome to WA. I hope that you are soon having as much fun as I am :-)
Kimbo4413 Premium
Yes, I did and some days I need bread crumbs to find my way back :-) At least I know what all the lights are North of me, now lol. I'm in Texas so, if you see some light South of you then you will know I've had a great idea too. Have fun!
ROWP Premium
Thanks for the welcome! I see you joined just a few days before I did. Have you managed to find your way around yet? I'm still getting lost trying to get back to where I just came from! I am having fun, and the light bulbs over my head could probably light the world! I just have to learn how to use all these ideas! Good luck to you!
mewzickl Premium
Welcome to WA! Glad to have you here.
Labman Premium
Welcome to WA. I'm sure you will enjoy this place and find that it is indeed an ethical space dedicated to your advancement and enrichment.
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family
mr.billee Premium
trust your instincts and eddy solomon is astand up guy! is that photo maine or alaska?-bill