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While running through my email, I came across "Hi Rosie, You have received a new Private Message from Kyle." My first thought was "Oh no!!!! What did I do wrong?"Congrats, you have been accepted! I'VE BEEN ACCEPTED FOR KYLE'S TRAINING! I honestly did not leave one of those 'pick me, please' comments, but rather admitted that I'm not 'up to snuff' and was thrilled for the opportunity about to be given those who truly deserve it. Needless to say, I was beyond shocked.....and actually cried. I
Yes, true enough, my life is and has been for awhile in a tremendous any event, I had gotten to an extremely low point and found myself wallowing in lethargy and total inaction.I had to take a long, hard look at my online ventures.....all are dead or very near death. I had spread myself too thin, too quickly; I had 3 websites. One was built entirely around an affiliate venture that proved to be a bust - the company folded. The second was a mistaken take-off on 'helping' withou
November 30, 2017
An interesting read... what do YOU. think?
This may be a short blog...but its depth is infinite:With each new day, may you be thankful and grateful...especially during those times when it seems there is nothing to be thankful or grateful for.
Kyle's blog truly knocked me over! Check it out!
Promoting marijuana component cannabidiol (CBD) can be lucrative... however certain claims by companies are now on FDA's bad side: take note!
October 25, 2017
I was so sad to read of this gifted soul's passing.....take a moment and read this good article:
I just read about the release of O.J. Simpson and it came to me that any excuse or negative reasons that come to any of us about not being able to make it online IS our personal prison.Let us all be freed from our CAN do this!!!!If interested in the article, here it is:
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