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Hope everyone has a blessed and very pleasant Easter with your loved ones!
I found my old Toshiba back-up, was looking for my resume from years ago, didn't find it. But I did find some amazing pictures I had forgotten about! A glass sculpturer was displaying his art in Dallas, Texas, amazing day!His name was Dave Chihuly. I couldnt recall his name but Candy remembered. What a memory. It was displayed at a big garden facility in Dallas Texas.It was a beautiful day to spend in such magnificant art and a gorgeous garden.And one with my darling wife Candace, mighty fine d
Made sausage egg and cheese breakfast tacos this morning, turned out yummy, mild or hot picante. Hot sauce compliments of Mrs Rutilo Chavez, when Rutilo and I worked together, his Mrs made us fried cactus egg and cheese breakfast tacos, best I ever ate.Also, had a buddy who used to trap wild pigs, he'd call me and leave pigs in a big cooler. I'd bring the pigs to Rutilo and his Mrs. would make them into pork Tamales, 10 or 12 dozen, fresh goodness!The Christmas spirit is alive and well in East
November 25, 2021
Family' pic from 1950's, Gram and us 4 grandchildren, I'm the only one left!Hope everyone has a Wonderful, Plentiful and blessed Thanksgiving. Give all your loved ones a huge hug. Here's Sprout our latest rescue, 22 lb. female, don't know the breed because daddy was a traveling man. About 12 weeks old. She's a terrible thief, steals shoes, socks, slippers, underwear, towels, and blankets and takes them outside, she's even taken her bed outside. She'll be with us about 2 more weeks.
Meet Sprout, our latest foster, 22 lb. female, been with us about a month, planning for her to stay about 2 more weeks, then transported up north, Don't know her breed, her daddy was a traveling man. Sprout is the worst thief imaginable, she steals shoes, socks, slippers, underware, towels, blankets, and all sorts of trash, anything that isn't tied down. Sprout is terrified of our cats, Bongo chases her sometimes, and she howls bloody murder, but I don't think Bongo has ever touched her. But Sp
October 16, 2021
See who came to our job site. Texas LongHorn, mighty big boy.
August 07, 2021
Good morning Wealthy Affiliate friends, several exciting things are happening for us today. Earned the badge for ranking 200 here at Wealthy Affiliate, that feels like progress. Also, earned $5 for some training posts, also progress.Our MMO website ranked Article 1 / Page 1 on Google, Bing, and Yahoo / That's also progress.Our most exciting news and the biggest progress, Candace and I are celebrating 44 years of Wedded Bliss. Married on August 7th, 1977. Will be going out for Ribeye Steaks an
July 01, 2021
Sites RankOur True Mailbox Money From Home Website ranked article 5 page 1 on Google, first time ranking anywhere.All Animals Need Love Website ranked article 1 page 1 on Google, Bing and Yahoo, first time on Google. Needless to say, I'm jazzed. Having big fun on WA, and thanks for all the support and encouragement, awesome community.
Unusual And Enjoyable Days. Above are our dogs, Cooper the Basset and Buttercup the Chihuahua Beagle mix. Little Cinnamon Girl has since been adopted and is a New Hampshire girl, and very happy we hear. Several days back, I was in the office writing bills and listening to music, there was a knock at the front door which I didn't hear, I turned around and there were two firemen in my living room, and in followed my dogs, seems Cooper had gotten the door open [he's good at that], so they left and