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December 02, 2018
I just want to share with the community an article that was written by Robert-A. I'm sure many of you know who he is. He is always willing to help (he has a wealth of information), and answers all who reply to his articles. This article especially hit home with me, because after a couple of years of trying shortcuts, I know the words in this post are truth. The words inspired me and caused me to get a pen and piece of paper and write a publishing schedule. I hope it does the same for you, as pu
This is a .com site and a place where you can post your affiliate links for other members to click. I thought this would be beneficial to us all. It was meant to be a place where we could buy in house before shopping outside. It was born out of frustration for members losing affiliations for no sales. So please... if you are in the market for something, anything at all... personal or for your business, come here first and support your fellow WAers!!!
June 07, 2016
Well here I am at the dentist for the 5th visit for this ONE root canal! Hopefully, he will break through this time! I hate the smell, the anticipation of needles and the actual needle to the roof of my mouth. Anyway, I thought I'd share that I made my first genuine commission! I made one other, but it was solicited. I didn't want to lose my affiliation. So this real commission was $2.50 and I was happy to check out CJ and see a balance!! It was for my affiliation with MyPoints! Someone read my
I saw this beautiful picture and it reminded me of a very special moment in my life...There was a time... actually 22 years of my life where you would find me nowhere else but church on a Sunday morning. I loved being there. The last 9 years of that time I headed up the music/drama department of a pretty big church. I played quite a few instruments along the way, and loved creating and putting forth a good piece of music.Four years before heading up that department, a woman pastor told me there
"Endure it!" I tell myself. "Success is hard work!" "Do you want a hole in your smile?"I'm sitting in a dentist chair waiting for the fourth attempt at this root canal. The novocaine shot to the roof of my mouth WAS NOT FUN!!!! I need this tooth because the ones behind it are gone, and this missing tooth would show in my smile. The dentist will be back in a minute. CAN'T WAIT!!!! Ugh! Another unsuccessful attempt. The root is calcified and more medication needs to be
April 30, 2016
I have been at Wealthy Affiliate for 77 DAYS! What does that mean? Well, I have a fully functional, indexed website which wasn't even in my mind 77 DAYS ago. I have a decent understanding of SEO and SERP and WP and Keywords and Blogs and Ranking and Analytics and Affiliates and Feedback and Comments and Content and Community and Likes and OK!! You get the picture. So glad the brains in my head... and the feet in my shoes .... steered me right here...
I just learned how to do a screenshot! Pretty cool. So here's a screen shot of a few of my pages, posts whatever. I think it's good, though I have no earnings yet.So these are a few rankings using the Jaaxy ranking tool.Now Google Analytics:I'm quite pleased with these stats after 9 weeks of learning. I'm just following the training and really don't understand everything that's going on yet hahahaha! All I know is I'm having a great time and I'm proud of what I've been able to create so far!
April 20, 2016
OK... So I decided to take charge of some things in the process here at WA. If you remember my last post regarding likes, I think they're important. It shows you viewed a member's post, blog, training, tutorial etc. and took the time to affirm their efforts.That being said, it makes for a lot of emails. This is how I treat a like with respect:I have them all go to a separate folder in my email. You can do this by placing a filter in your email. Go to SETTINGS/FILTERS/ADDThen you name your folde
If I follow you, I 'like' your post every time (even if I don't like it) hahahaha. I do this because I'm committed to following you, supporting you, and I appreciate that you are taking time to communicate within the community. If I follow you, I always begin to read your post and stay with it as long as it is relevant to my journey at the moment of reading. I also continue reading if it is entertaining or inspirational. There are so many posts and at the v
Success comes at the hand of many failures. The important thing is to continue on the path you have chosen and follow after Peace. I just had a real life experience while trying to find a way to supplement my income when I retire in September. I saw a business and was very close to buying in, but I had doubts it was the right decision. The salesman let me have my space, but I still had an overarching fear of disappointing him after all the time he spent with me trying to put the deal together.