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I recently wrote anarticle about the lessons of Little Red Riding Hood. I couldn't help but think about us here at Wealthy Affiliate. We have wonderful training here, but some of us with little or no experience may feel as if we have been let loose into the woods to face a wolf. Never fear: listen to the instructions of your mother before you left the house.1. Don't Get DistractedIt is easy to get distracted by so many things floating around the internet and lose our focus. For Red Riding H
August 11, 2018
Ever feel stuck here at Wealthy Affiliate? I certainly have. There definitely are, as I have heard many say "those hickups" along the way.Have I had more than my share of honey? I don't think so, I just want some money.I have signed up to several affiliate programmes. One of them is Share-A-Sale? (Anyone else on board with them?) Anyway, I have looked into several merchants and applied to be an associate (affiliate); but I never hear back from them. How do I know I am officially accepted
Isn't it great to be on a team? That's what I consider Wealthy Affiliate. Oh, some of us are making more runs or goals, but that is because they have been playing longer and harder. And some simply develop the skills faster and have gone to "football" and "baseball" camp for years. Others are like a flower that blooms later in the season, but a friend on the team is the one who cheers you on--even if you round the bend of that mile a bit later. So good to have met and continue to meet many
I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for not quite 2 months and I am excited about all I have already accomplished. I realize that I may be progressing slowly for some,but I would rather consistently ply along and internalize all that I am doing. I also have many other interests and obligations as most of you do as well. But I am thrilled with all I have learned thus far. The training I have already received is very well done. I really appreciate the videos in the training. If I forg