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October 02, 2015
Hooray, I've just been ranked under 100 and ecstatic. I've targeted to get under 100 in the last month and I've finally got there.I read that in one of Kyle's blogs that he is in no. 1 because he's been just welcoming new members and helping them with their questions. He hasn't been posting blogs because he's been very busy.I decided to test this tactic and started to find that my ranking lowered everyday. I kept up with it and on days I found that after 3 days I was stuck on the same ranking.
Missing a monthly payment becomes frustrating for me. I don't really like the red bar that appears on top of my page and I'm always checking my account to see whether my payment has gone through or not. I'm always trying to work out when my next deduction is going to be. Now, I don't worry anymore because I've worked out a way to always make sure my subscription are paid on time.I have a paypal account and I think a lot of us do for your online shopping. I decided to test it to see if I put mon
September 07, 2015
From the day I began in Wealthy Affiliate, affiliate marketing was just a dream. I didn't know what it was all about, All I knew that it was a way to make extra money nothing more. I decided to trust Wealthy Affiliate, made the leap and since than, never looked back. When I'm tied up and couldn't get around to working on the lessons, there's a little voice in my head telling me that when I finish what I'm doing, I have to jump back to it.I don't think I can get out of Wealthy Affiliate. There a