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Hey guys, today's post is a short one but it's something that got me a little excited - My first guest post is published and LIVE! Today!Although it's nothing much, it's actually a milestone for me as the process is a little harder than expected. I pitched to around 9 blogs and all of them rejected... except for GrowMap and you can see my post here... it was approved last month, I didn't know that it takes about a month to get published. Would
It's been a year since I've blogged in WA, how's everyone doing?I recently did a review on an Email Autoresponder called MailerLite and just one day after I published my review, I got comments from both the owners thanking me!If you've never heard of it (Pretty normal because they only started in 2016), MailerLite's the cheaper alternative to MailChimp and Mad Mimi and I highly recommend it. Here's the link to my review that wrote...
September 01, 2014
Happy 1st September everyone! Since it's my 4th month here in WA, I decided to show you my progress so far. Don't mind the combined 503 clicks that you're seeing, here's the breakdown: 3rd month: 224 clicks 2nd month: 117 clicks 1st month: 162 clicks By clicks, i'm referring to the people clicking on my Wealthy Affiliate link. Although they are obviously increasing, I did not make any sales yet. Still, I'm hopeful because my website is actually getting better in a number of ways. 1) M
August 17, 2014
I finally got my first referral yaay! It is my 3rd month here in WA and finally got some results. Although it took me longer than expected, I actually feel pretty motivated to work harder because if I can get one, I can get lots more! And when I get a lot more referrals, I'll have a higher chance that one of them will become a member. My number of clicks are also increasing which shows that My site is growing but at a slow pace. Oh well, going to write more content and watch it grow!
August 03, 2014
It's my second month here in WA and thought I'd share my results! For the first month, i got 162 clicks and by clicks, I'm referring to my WA affiliate link. So, 279 - 162 = 117 clicks for the 2nd month! I've been extremely busy so I didn't manage to upload contents and work on my website as much but still, I'm happy I actually GOT clicks at all :D. Going to work harder in August!
Not sure if the screenshot appears or not but if you can't see, I seem to be getting all the live video lessons dated Jan 1 1970 for all lol. Is this a glitch I'm getting alone or is anyone else having the same problem as me?
I've never noticed my Affiliate Bootcamp statistics thingy as I was reeeally into building up my website. To be honest, I'm still in Course 1 of my Affiliate Bootcamp, lesson 6 and I was surprised that it has been a month already! Time flies by when you're having fun eh? Just thought of sharing with you guys my first month results :) . I'm not sure if you can see the picture so in case you can't, the overall clicks that I've got from my first month are 162 clicks yaay! Although that's a very s
Happy 1st July everyone! Today marks the completion of my website for 1 month (more or less I think). Although I'm still new here and still in Course 1 of the Affiliate Bootcamp and Course 3 in "Get Started Here", there are a lot that i've learned here in WA. I still haven't reached the point of how to track my website yet but I'm currently with HostGator and this is my results of my hardwork on my first month :D Not really sure if you guys can see that picture so if you can't here are my fir
Omg I never expected the logo to be this nice because as some of you may know, my topic is quite boring! Such a fun logo may just give me hope. My website is called My Internet Quest and it's about daily tips and tricks for optimizing any website. It's so boring, my friends told me they feel like going to sleep with the topic :/. This is also my first blog, so TESTING TESTING.. is anyone reading this? :D here's my link if you wanna check it out ->