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February 05, 2015
This is interesting. I must have assigned 100s of homework projects during my career as a teacher. The old saying, "What goes around comes around." is true. So, here I am doing my WA assignment from the Level 4, Lesson 7 training. Now I know how my students felt! Ha! The assignment was to post a blog. Blog posted. :-)
All of this talk about which buttons to push reminds me of this old joke: A guy was happily watching his television when all of a sudden, it stopped working and the screen went blank. He called a TV repairmen out to his house. The repairman took a look at the TV and reached around the back and pushed a button, and voila! The TV worked perfectly. Then the repairman presented the guy with a bill for $200. The guy was outraged. He said, "What do mean? How dare you present me with a bill for $200!
I am still fairly new to all this, but when I find something that works, I like to pass it along. I was dreading trying to figure out how to install links from my website to the various social media when I happened to stumble upon UP. It is an easy install, free (Hey, free is good!), and it even has a way for people to collect points by visiting your site and cash them in for cool stuff. Caveat Emptor: I did read that someone said this installation slowed their site down, but on mine it is fine