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January 01, 2020
I would like to wish for all of you a happy, healthy and fullfilling 2020. I am going to share some of my thoughts for this year and I like to know your thoughts on this topic. Are dreams the same as goals? I mean if I dream to end 2020 debt-free, living in a mansion in LA and having a fantastic relationship with Jennifer Aniston! Is there a chance to express those dreams as goals for 2020? My answer is NO. Of course everyone needs to have both dreams and goals BUT they need to be defined and
December 01, 2019
Today I took advantage of Black Friday Deal. I am glad I caught it this year as I missed it last year and I was not happy that I had to pay the full amount of membership. I am a WA member since 2013 and I am grateful for my success today to everyone in WA. Thank you, Kyle and Carson for all you do in WA and so to all ambassadors and other members of WA for you support and lovely communication.
I am very excited to come back to WA community and my favorite friends I made over the years. I was busy last year with a promotion at my 9-5 job which took all my time and life too. Finally, I decided to work hard on WA and my online business to give up my job and have freedom to spend more time with my family. I am lucky because I already have 2 websites which make some money, thanks to WA, but not the money that I am looking forward to in order to be able to give up my 9-5 job. I decide to s
After a year away from my home in WA, I am back. Back to the friendly posts and comments, back to refresh my knowledge through the courses, back to jay's webinars and back to feel warm and passionate with my dear friends in WA. Last year, I was away because I was so engulfed with my website and facebook pages and groups. I am back simply because all the goals I achieved are the outcome of training in WA. Thank you for all your welcoming posts and comments. I will join this post with a series of
I see some comments of my friends in WA on my website with no profile picture. I had this problem for a long time and now I figured how to do it...... 1- Go to and create an account using your website email and password 2- Add you profile image to your profile in Gravatar 3- Wait for 5 minutes and refresh your website.... You are done.... wasn't that easy? Thank you and have a happy new year...
When I started with Wealthy Affiliate, I was not sure that I would finish even the free course or to come back after the first lesson. I have started in business about one year ago and I paid too much money on coaching programs and the kind of over night millionaire stuff and ended up doing surveys that paid me at most $100/ month. I was so frustrated and at one time I decided to forget all that crap and go back to my traditional job and work more overtime to make a couple hundred dollars mo
At the end of my first month as a member of WA, I made the first ten bucks from Amazon and the first five bucks from AdSense. It may look a few but guess what, I am making money now while I am writing this post and more money while you are reading it too. I didn't go far with my website but I followed the classes as the pope following the bible, or at least as he supposed to do. Meanwhile I am still on course I am excited how would be then when I finish the whole course...but you know
My dear friends I have a confession to you: I am not on WA a lot as I am supposed to be. I spend almost 1-2 hours daily. You may wonder why! Because I am busy now cleaning up the garbage in my business and my mind which had been accumulated online over the last year to replace it with the treasures of WA. Meanwhile, I have made a good progress in Wealthy Affiliate. Here are some of my accomplishments in almost 1 month- 2 hours daily: 1- I built one website and building another one. 2- I am an
When I was adding some affiliate links to my website, I got an idea. We all buy stuff online, right?. Why don't we use our affiliate links and get them to work?. I use yours when I buy online and you use mine. Any ideas on how can we do that?
I believe my story with online business is common. It started with glimpse of hope that soon transferred into a series of fails and unrealistic expenses. My first advisers, as the case of most beginners, are the spammers and wild vipers. For just one year, I spent about ten thousand dollars for promises that never accomplished. I was told to make money you have to pay money and I paid but I never made money. I was blind..... Now, I see Wealthy Affiliate.....the growing giant for online business