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Amazon Associates EU and US both issued a revised version of Operating Agreement on 1st October. I noticed a change where it refers to offline marketing; that you're not allowed to promote Amazon products "offline".Amazon EU Programme Participation Requirements:"...offline promotion or in any other offline manner (e.g., in any printed material, mailing, SMS, MMS, email or attachment to email, or other document, or any oral solicitation)."The phrase "email or attachment to email" has dropped fro
September 20, 2016
If you're thinking about starting an email marketing / autoresponder... GetResponse is offering a discount for life for limited numbers right now (the first 1,000 and it's going quickly)I've switched from AWeber > GetResponse > AWeber myself and I'm not going to change it back now, but I actually prefer GR for usability, templates and reports.https://www.getresponse.comIf you don't see the discount offer, Google "getresponse" or "getresponse sale"'ll find the line that's adv
July 20, 2016
Ever since I learned about, thanks to our fabulous PJ back in January, I've been submitting every post to of my pages that was struggling in Google ranking, I noticed I'd forgotten to post it to But as soon as I posted it, it started to climb up. So I think it works and recommend you to try too if you haven't.Big THANKS again to PJ!
Following Jovo’s blog/question yesterday, too have struggled to fully understand “Render-blocking javascript” shown in various page speed checker sites. They tell you to fix immediately, but don’t tell you how. I’ve been through many sites explaining what we should do, and came to the semi-conclusion that “it’s ok to leave as they are" for now (I'm tired!)These scripts are necessary (obviously) to p
Also interesting stats for Dads & Grads case you're interested...!
So I can't view the Chris Farrell Membership website, ever. My "Avast" antivirus software is blcking the site completely.I'm not sure if it's worth turning the antivirus off completely just in order to view the site. I've searched and can't find how to exclude this site from the software either...I've seen many CFM scam/legit reviews in Site Comments section, I'd just like to visit the actual site myself, once! Even Kyle is rating 82/100 in his review!Please tell me CFM is not worth visiting, I
April 11, 2016
I liked Mad Mimi, its friendly interface (bit girly but fun), ease of use, and the support staff are friendly and efficient... I don't have many subscribers, simpler & cheaper than AWeber, thought it was great. But they've asked me a lot of questions such as what my website was about, and rejected my autoresponder function in the end.Like Mail Chimp, Mad Mimi's terms & conditions also prohibit affiliate marketing. I'm going back to AWeber... Mad Mimi didn't cancel my account, so you cou
November 13, 2015
Some affiliate advertisers have refused me to join the programme, understandably because there's no web traffic to my brand new sites. So in the beginning I stupidly started to apply for every possible affiliate programme - soon my mail app was overflowed with notifications of approval, disapproval, verifying email address... plus spams.Rakuten Linkshare (UK) has suddenly cancelled the agreement on me, I asked why & they said because I wasn't promoting enough of their own products. There ar
November 03, 2015
I'm glad I've joined WA because not only there are a lot of opportunities to learn about internet marketing, web traffic etc but opportunities to look at myself again. Upon deciding what niche to choose (=what I really wanted to do), I had to stop and think who really I am. I hope I don't sound patronising but it's been a great opportunity to grow myself as a person in the past few weeks. For years with my work, family & friends, I've naturally stayed fairly positively with anything and tri