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November 25, 2014
Have you ever wondered why, our past failures control our performance and ability today.Past failures is simply life"s way of telling you & I to change our approach. When I experience failure, I like to ask myself some important questions, What do I need to change? What have I learned from this experience? Do I need to try something new? Also,ask for feedback from good honest people and pay attention to the feedback you are receiving. Don"t let failure define who you are as a person.Don"t a
September 03, 2014
Sometimes when we hear these words, usually we think about gloom and doom and all the terrible things that will happen in the end. But for us here at Wealthy Affliate, it"s something to relish, it"s something to look forward to. Oxford dictionary defines," End' as a conclusion,final cause,completed ,there is no more. What does the end mean to you? A sigh of relief. A expression of weariness and aspiration, or does the end mean to you all the struggles and battles are over. I can enjoy the fruit
August 26, 2014
For the past six or seven days, to my regret, I have been focusing on images to insert into some of my pages. I have spent hours going through hundreds of images trying to get the most perfect image to go exactly to that perfect spot on my page.Today, I was thinking why am I spending so much time chasing these images.I"m going after all the bells and whistles when I should be focusing on writing the content. Now, I understand what Kyle and Carson were talking about, not that inserting images on
August 20, 2014
One of the most amazing little creatures that God created is the bumblebee.The bumblebee does some incredible things, one being, he flies.This is a scientific fact according to that research that a bumblebee should not be able to fly. Scientists in their research show that the bumblebee"s wings are too short as compared to the size of his body, otherwords his body is too big for his wing size. He doesn"t care about that ,he flies despite of this research. Go with me for a few minutes in the i
Words are very powerful and I think sometimes through the struggles and the stresses of life we say things that we wouldn"t say normally.The quality of our thinking.the thoughts and beliefs we entertain, WILL make all the difference in the quality of our life. Emerson said,We are what we think about all day long.If you allow garbage in,garbage is bound to come out.If you let good thoughts dominate your mind,good is likely to come your way. LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE.Far too many us have the habit of sa
July 08, 2014
I"ve been a member of WA for about 2 weeks. I "ve taken my time to go through allot of the teaching and training courses. I find if your patient in building your website, Inspiration will come to you(selecting themes for your domain,picking a website to use etc). I understand what it feels like being under financial strain, but we need to look at the bigger picture.There is a disease that causes us to think, if I can"t have it now , it either isn:t worth it or it must not be possible. Two d