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December 19, 2020
I have completed level 5 of training and what an acheivement. So much learning in such a short space of time. Wow! Can't wait to continue the the future!!!
Level 4 has been completed. Great feeling. Getting there. Had a few difficult days as certain social media sites are not my friend but I will get there. This post is short and sweet. One day at a time and we can all get there. Success is empowering and most definitely worth it if the end goal is important to you. However, I am finding the journey exhilarating and enjoying the ride. Thanks again for all the support that I have received on the way so far. Much appreciated and I hope to return it.
December 09, 2020
Just over a month in and I am truly beginning to see progress at WA. The support is amazing and I never would have believed that I could have acheived what I have. I actually really enjoy spending time doing this work every day and can't wait to see what I will achieve in the coming months. Hopefully financial success will be the next part of my progress as so far the personal gain has been tremendous!
Another day, another massive learning curve....OK, so I have mastered adding affiliate links.. or so I thought I had. Now I'd like to add links that containk images, say from Amazon. This is not working for me!!! When I publish the post a whole load of gobildigoob appears - no image and no link! What am I doing wrong?I decided to today to create review and have successfully done this but not yet published this. I saved an image from google images and simply had text links throughout my text. Ho
November 26, 2020
I have hit a stumbling block today and I have to say it is driving me a little nuts. I created a goodle account and installed google analytics onto my site. As far as I am aware I have done everything correctly and the account seems to be set up ok. The settings look a little different on the dashboard from what they do on the training but things still seem to be ok. I think there has been a little upgrade or something. I have gone onto my site to see if google analytics can pick me up but abso
November 25, 2020
Woo Hoo Site is Pretty Good A lot of things at 100 percent. cannot get site trust over 0 percent though!????
I'm achieving things slowly but surely. Have ranked in google, got some posts on my website and have created a gravatar. Also created a few new posts with affiliate links and images. Might not be much to some. But this time a few weeks ago I had absolutely no knowledge at all!
November 22, 2020
Bio CompletedAfter several weeks on WA I ahve finally completed my bio. It is short and sweet. I don't know why I really didn't want to share. I quite like the anonymity and perhaps the fear of failure was holding me back. However, the desire to get a badge made me finally fill it in and it feels good. The small things in life. That's me on to Level 3 now and it feels good! Thanks for all the support to everyone who has helped so far!
I have just completed lLevel 2 Training an it feels amazing! I tired to get into affiliate marketing about 15 years ago but it was overwhelming. Too much to process and understand. It was like an unachieveable dream at the time and eventually life got in the way. Finding WA has been amazing. I can't quite believe how things have developed over the years and all the training and support here is truly amazing. I just realised today that some of my posts are ranked in google. I was gobsmacked!!I a