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Yesterday, I posted about my Wealthy Affiliate Review ranked on Bing and Yahoo. To my surprise, I tried to use site rank again and entered the same keyword and the result? My review is on page 1 position 7. I did not expect to rank that fast on google because i just don't believe. But I guess it is really there. I don't believe my eyes so I went to google search, entered my keyword and it is there!My website is just 3 months old and my website is just starting to gain more trust. I am hoping th
Is this Real? My Wealthy Affiliate review is on first page rank 1! on Bing and Yahoo. I tried to use the site rank just now and entered my keyword and that is the result. I tried to search it on bing and yahoo search and it was really there. My site is just 3 months old so I never expect it to be ranked. One thing bothers me. Before I make my article about wealthy affiliate, I searched the keyword with low QSR and a lil bit of traffic. I found a keyword with an average of 40, Traffic 7 and QSR
Its good to be back home! Its good to be back here at wealthy affiliate! The month of May is been very busy month for me and my fiancee. She just finished her master’s degree and her parents came here In the Philippines. I was actually sad that I can't work with my website while my future family is here. Well, I just need to make a few sacrifices rather than getting a bad shot with my future family. Don't get me wrong, I am also happy that I could tour them around here and I enjoyed their
It's been a hell of a month for me working on my farm, my lights and sounds and my website! I started my website last March 6, 2019, as WA affiliate and started writing article about online businesses connected to my WA review. Last night I published my 14th article and I realized that I am done with my first month goal as super affiliate! Despite all the work that I have, I still managed to write an article every time I have free time after work. It is almost 3 months since I joined WA and I c
Finally,! I got the free time to work on my website yesterday! Been busy these past weeks with my business (Lights and sound services) I even thought about stopping my business just to focus on my online business but I guess it is not the time yet.Yesterday, I was so happy that I have my free time to work on my website because I saw my site health was dropping down like crazy. So around 12 noon, I started writing an article about passive and non-passive income. I never thought that I could writ
Should I quit my Lights and sound business? No! But I want to, just so I could focus on my website! Been busy lately and this month is fully booked with lights and sound services. I don't know if I should stop accepting clients. Since I joined WA I am happy that I am working for free because I know that in the near future all the free hard work will become minimal to no effort passive income.I hope that I could work on my website while doing my Job as a DJ but that's not possible. After the lon
April 04, 2019
Since I started my training on certification up to boot camp, all I heard from the training about keyword is to choose a keyword with searches and low competition. So all my published post is targeting a keyword with low competition and not more than 30 to 50 and with an average of 50 to 100 searches. Every time I search a keyword, I am always curious about the keywords with no competitions and with less than 10 searches a month. That is why I started to ask questions about it and the Result? M
Yey! Accepted to be part of the Super Affiliate Program! I will do my best to work on it. I will break my limit and learn as much as possible for my business! Thank you Wealthy Affiliate!
March 30, 2019
I have been a member here at WA for almost two months now and I am not really sure if I am doing the right thing for my website. But I do know that I am in the right place. There are plenty of materials to learn here at WA and if you do not proceed step-by-step then you will be overwhelmed. That is why I bought a white board and a marker to set my goals. Last march 06, after I finished my level 1 - 5 certification, I started my Affiliate boot camp. I set my weekly, and monthly goals. My goals f
It's been a hell of a week working in my farm. New seeds need to be planted all day under the sun. Farm work at daylight. Wealthy affiliate at night. I haven't been so active at wealthy affiliate this week because of my farm. My only free time is at night. No worries! It is just a week of planting and all I have to do is wait for 3 months for the profit! So I am completely free again. (Freedom but not financially)Working in my farm and working at Wealthy Affiliate have similarities. I don't hav