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Hi everyone just a quick update for you all. I have been away from WA for a while (and my websites ) I have had a few health problems that saw me in hospital for a bit and a series of test and examinations ( thank god for our national health service ) to find out what has caused my sudden drop in blood pressure and constant blackouts. I am home now and awaiting the results of all the exams.they think it is addison's disease. I have to rest and take things slowly for now. Me and slow just do not
October 25, 2015
Hi everyone just thought I would share an encounter I had this morning. The clocks here in the UK have gone back an hour giving us an extra hour in bed. Try telling my body clock this instead of getting up at 6.00am I was up at 5.00am. So I thought i would take all 3 dogs to the local park as it will be quiet and having a rotti people get scared of him just by his size and of course the reputation the breed has ( it is untrue mine is as soft as claggy toffee ). Any way while in the park I came
October 14, 2015
I have just read a post by the lovely Loes which made me stop and think. Since starting here at WA I have connected with a great number of people. Some who have helped me with problems relating to my website others who have supported me in my recent personal crisis's all of whom I am eternally grateful. I think in recent times I have been rather selfish working on my website and catching up with WA training and not giving a thought to the ones who have been so kind to me here at WA. So I wish t
October 12, 2015
I have spent a great deal of time recently working on my website updating and adding content. Watched loads of Jays video tutorials and spent hours catching up on WA training. This morning I got a phone call from my oldest son before I had a chance to say hello he was shouting down the phone " Mam guess what..... one of your pages is on the first page of google at number 3." I don't know who was more excited him or me. Then I wondered why was he googling women's shoes and bags and most importan
Sorry to everyone I have not been very active around WA recently. I have been working on my website and catching up on WA training something i really needed to do .So I just haven't had the time to be active around here. I just thought I would let you all know that I am still here and not left or disappeared off the face of the earth just working hard building my site I have to start earning a few pennies and the only way to do this is to work work work. Something I haven't been doing recently,
September 15, 2015
As some of you know we had a recent berevement in the family. There has been a lot to sort out so I have been absent from WA for a few weeks. The funeral is tomorrow (wednesday) so Thursday I will back here and raring to go.Thank you to all WA members for thier kind words and support it has meant a lot to me, see you all again Thursday.
August 29, 2015
Thank you to everyone for your kind words and prayers at this sad time. Just to bring you up to date. It was my uncle who died it was expected but still a shock he had been ill for a short period. Unfortunately because our crematorium is closed due to repairs ( it burnt down long story ) we are having to use a neighbouring towns crematorium so we cant bury him until the week of the 14th September.On a brighter note hopefully I will be back here next week. Take care everyone and once again a big
August 27, 2015
I may not be around for a few days. We have had a bereavement in the family so may not be around very much over the next couple of days. In the words of Arnie ( the terminator ) I WILL BE BACK. See you all soon
I so often read peoples blogs here at WA asking for help in certain areas and I think wow what a good question I was also wondering this. So here is my question why is it I think not sure what to do here, spend ages trying to sort it myself without success. I then just muddle along until I spot a question by someone asking the same thing I am stuck on, WHY DONT I JUST ASK FOR HELP. I am very independent and like to do this for myself and hate with a passion asking for help. Something I think I
August 22, 2015
Motivation what motivation ? Mine seems to have got up and left and forget to come back. Two days now I have sat looking at a blank screen waiting for inspiration, and the more frustrated I get the less it comes. Then I think aw I will do it later. I think because I have writers block it is effecting my motivation, Because at the moment I am thinking I just cant be bothered any little distraction is an excuse for me not to work on my site. Naughty I know !!!! tomorrow is a new day and hopefull