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January 23, 2020
Don’t Get DerailedIt harder to get back on the track than to overcome challenges.Photo credit: Krzysztof Szkurlatowsk RGBstockDerailment Started in September 2018In mid-September 2018, I had surgery for a hernia I caused while working on my farm. It did not go too well. Days after the surgery the bulge re-appeared. The doctor blamed me for the reoccurrence. I kept getting ‘behinder and behinder’ on the farm work but had more time for WA. After the original operation
I Don’t Make Spellin Misteaks!I know, I know, spelling is misspelled and so is mistakes. But it got your attention. Typos, comma faults, misspellings plague us when we are writing our post.Not me (anymore) since I found a FREE app that captures them. Mine is installed in myMS Word app where I write all my post. It is easy to install and easier to use.They have a Premium version with more features but as you can see from the image below it cost $11.66/month. I currently use the FREE ve
The image of money got your attention?JAY'sThat is what the first letter representsI encourage everyone, especislly new Premium members to participate in Jay's EWFW. Shortly after becoming a Premium member of the WA Family I started participating in JEWFW every Friday at 8pm NY time. Through JEWFW I obtained much insite and knowledge about affiliate marketing and building a better website. Then challenges entered my life I was not able to spend the time writing new post or going through th
January 26, 2019
Leo’s Fable - The Rabbit and the TurtleAn adaption of Aesop’s Fable The Hare and the TortoiseOne day an affiliate marketeer was making fun of his friend and telling him how great he was. "I don’t need others to help me I can do it on my own. I am the greatest blogger anywhere and much greater than you anytime. I am as fast as a rabbit. I will be making more money than you and live the life style you can only dream about. You are like a turtle, so slow at posting new blogs and
I went to Wikimedia to find very nice FREE images to add to my website. There were many, but I wanted the BEST. To make sure I had the nicest pictures I searched They had many that I could use but when I went to download those images, I got a surprise - they were not truly free. The Wikipedia story of, its accusation history, and how it became a part of Getty Images is an interesting one. It is more thorough at Wikipedia than I could present without copying and pa
September 24, 2018
When starting anything that is new, different, and has challenges there will always "family and friends" that want to help by saying things like: "that will never work", "You can't do that", etc.I've been told that many times. I never argued with them(my mother was one- and I Loved her" I just did it anyway.Now I live by a few simple words and a joke:"Never, Never, Never Give Up" Winston Churchill andThere was a farmer that had a mule. She died giving birth. The farmer got on his horse and