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Because we live in a tech savvy society, we must remain proactive in maintaining our personal and business information from reach the worldwide web and becoming an identity theft target. I decided to check into the recent Equifax breach and learn all I could about its impact on U.S. citizens.Well, I'm glad I did, because I found that I was impacted. According to the recent investigation performed by the Cybersecurity firm Mandiant, they have concluded as of October 2, 2017 the following :The
I believe Wealthy Affiliate has the best training modules on the planet! For an Internet Marketing newbie, I have learned how to build my own website, transfer my domains, and how to create content. My main focus is in Affiliate Marketing where I will sell Amazon products since they sell any and everything worldwide!On day 7 I ranked #1 and page 1 on Google with my first website. I decided to tackle a niche I knew nothing about; however I learned quite a bit from other articles, reviews and
I received another badge--this time because Google has indexed my site. Oh-oh, better get some content on there before they change their mind!lol
I'm so excited! I now have my website theme selected and can't wait to see what happens next. Oh, I even earned a badge for completing this step--how awesome is that!