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December 18, 2015
My adventure at WA is coming to an end. If anyone has any doubts, if you think WA is a scam, then I can absolutely state that this is not the case. I have benefitted immeasureably during my time at WA, in fact, I can't even imagine back to the time when I first joined and I knew nothing, absolutely NOTHING about websites and affiliate marketing. With the help of the tutorials and all you lovely people here at WA I have come a long way in 9 months. So, it's nothing to do with the quality of
I am used to not seeing my posts ranking anywhere on Google. In fact it's been a few weeks since I even checked where my posts were. Then tonight I ran a check on them, without any great expectations. So imagine my other half's surprise when I started whooping and jumping up and down on the sofa. He has a bad ear at the moment and I think I damaged it further. Not to mention the sofa. Two of my posts are on page 1 of Google, one is on page 2 and three are on page 3!! There are a sprinklin
June 12, 2015
You know what it's like in the world of affiliate marketing. When you're starting out everything is new. There's so much to learn, so much to read, mistakes to make and those little successes to be toasted with a clean, cold rosé. I got carried away recently with searching for dead links to fill with my beautiful content, with mixed success. Then I read on WA about how important it is for SEO to post regularly as clockwork to my blog. I realised I'd been about as erratic as the weather patt
So this week I have sorted out my sitemap, learned about widgets, sized my content to viewport, published two posts, learned how to pin stuff on Pinterest (and mixed enough concrete to lay the new terrace). I really feel that I may be Superwoman. Two months ago, who would have thought it? I never dreamed that a website could be so complicated or so interesting. I look at the patronising tv ads at the moment showing retired ladies and gents so pleased that they have managed to just place an o
There are only so many hours in a day, WA!!Every time I come onto WA to work on my site or carry on with the training I see an interesting post/blog/chat/training that I just can't resist. So I follow it up. Then I often get carried away to some other interesting corner of the site and before I know I have spent two hours reading really interesting stuff but not getting on with what it was I was going to do. Like just now. I came to comment on some posts and get comments for mine but before
This month has passed so quickly and I am now into my second month as a Premium member. The site is progressing, but here is one tip I discovered the hard way. Don't mess with your Media Library. Now, I am quite a tidy person. I saw that there were photos in there that I had already used in my posts, so I thought, I'll have a spring clean and delete them. BIG mistake. I shimmied along onto one of my posts to do some SEO optimisation and hey - no images. I had to go back and upload them aga
I was at a party yesterday. There was someone there I had been told about. He had been having a go at affiliate marketing and had failed. I sought him out and over the loud music quickly brought the conversation round to affiliate marketing. What had he tried, and had he really failed? He was very negative and told me that I was welcome to try but that he had never had a cent from affiliate marketing. I was a bit shocked, but when I probed a little deeper I finally got to the reason. He g
I feel I have spent the last month like someone returning home after a drunken night out. I often have trouble staying upright but fortunately the mates who are out on this trip with me are there to pull me back up on my feet. Sometimes I feel a bit bruised, but I can see where I am trying to get to. The training here on WA is very good, excellent in fact, and I am 100% certain that had I been going through this process on my own it would have been an epic fail. Everything is so new, and I