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Hi everyone,

my name is Peter, a 40 year young guy from the Netherlands, and I am at the moment the greenest of green when it comes to internet marketing and making money online.

I have about 6 years experience in owning websites, but neither of my websites ever got to the stage where I could earn more then a few bucks a month.

The websites I owned were paid2read email websites, basically I was being paid by advertisers that wanted people to see their message, in turn I paid a portion of that money to members of the sites for reading those advertisements.
When the paid2read business turned more and more into a scamming industry I decided I did not want to be a part of it anymore so I shut down all my sites.

Another website I owned was a forum, which was a Dutch website basically being people helping people in any subject they needed help with, but the main focus of the site was the arcade game section.
Seeing just about all games for that section were in English, what I did was translate the games to dutch, edit the game files to confirm the translation and placed them on my site, so people with a lesser understanding of English would become able to play those games in their own language.
After a while the forum part of the site became a "place for bashing" more and more and it was starting to get too much of a "non fun thing" to run it, so I decided to hand of the site to someone that wanted to continue with it.

In 2008 or 2009 orso I was completely fed up with internet so I stepped away from it completely.

In the years I had websites I read a LOT about making an income online, but never too any action on anything I read.

As of two weeks ago I "made my comeback" onto the internet and started reading up again on creating a business online, but quickly became too overwhelmed with all the info being bombarded onto me.
So basically I am currently in "information overload" status, which I guess many of you are either experiencing are have experienced in the past.

How I found out about Wealthy affiliate is kind of a funny story, but in short, I was on someones list and they promoted a program, so before I would join that program I searched the information about it and found out that it was basically a pyramid type of thing, which I do NOT like eventhough I have to admin on being a "bad person" that made some money with them in the past.
But on one website clearly explaining why the promoted program was not a "good" program I also found a review on Wealthy Affiliate and that review got my attention.
Seeing I usually never believe the words of just one person, I searched the internet for more info about WA and basically all the reviews came back to the same thing: WA is NOT something that makes you rich overnight, but instead a place to learn how to setup a REAL online business to create an online income in the long run.

So here I am.

Have a great day and look forward to work with MANY of you to at first get the help I need to get started, and when I DO get started help others to do the same.

ps. If there is errors in my English I am sorry, my native language is Dutch, and while I have written a LOT in English, I am sore there will be some grammar or word issues in it, I hope you can overlook those, or point me to them so I can fix them.

Edited to add age and location.
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I would be happy earning 750 euros a month ($1000?)
I would be ecstatic earning 3500 euros a month ($5000?)
I would invest as much time as is needed, I don't dislike working my behind off as long as I see results (not expecting big results, ANY result will push me harder to get more)
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Dec 19, 2016
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peterboer Premium
I would be happy earning 750 euros a month ($1000?)
I would be ecstatic earning 3500 euros a month ($5000?)
I would invest as much time as is needed, I don't dislike working my behind off as long as I see results (not expecting big results, ANY result will push me harder to get more)
I agree, seeing results is a fantastic motivator to work more, to work harder. I cant wait to see that first profit. :)
Good luck!
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KLewis Premium
Hello Peter,Thanks for the follow.Back at you.Ken
apache1 Premium
Hi Peter

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate it’s great to have you here as a member of one great big family.

I am Andre from successaffiliateru from where you signed up from so thank you for that as well. I have also clicked follow in return.

Remember the best place to begin is by clicking the Green Icon to your top left called Get Started Here. The link is below

As you follow the lessons taught by Kyle you will gain great insights on how the online world works professionally and before you know it you will have your website up and running.

I know you already are familiar from previous online ventures but know here all is done the right way with honesty and integrity .

At the end of each lesson should you have any questions there is provision to ask.

Take some time also to familiarize yourself with the entire site click the various icons around you.

Check out other profiles of your fellow members and if you wish follow them.

On the right hand side of my profile under the title Website you may find various social media sites where you can also connect with me thus expanding your website as well.

Should you wish to go further and go to premium as you may already be aware you can get a 59% discount on your first month with Premium membership (only $19!) This is only if you wish to gain forward momentum there is no pressure to do so.
Just be aware this offer is a bonus lasting 7 days then it will go back to $47 PM the same about it has been pretty much since 2005 .

But you can still remain as a starter member should you wish which would involved the basic details.

I wanted to have this in the open so you are aware of it and that there are no hidden cost involved. just the $47 per month if you decide to go premium.

So all said wishing you great success for your online venture.
Go forward blessing to you in all you do in life.
Thank you once more.

Take care be well

KLewis Premium
Hey Peter,Great story,with no BS/ That is who I am.No BS...
If you go up to premium, the first month will be $19.00
If you do you will be able to get a hold of me,very easy,Just send a PM. My father is Dutch,and I also am with a mix..Hope that we can work together on some things.Ken
Kyle Premium
Hello there Peter! Would just like to introduce myself. I am Kyle, co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate and I am here to help you out if you ever need anything or need to be pointed in the right direction. Don't be afraid to ask questions when you need help as there are a ton of awesome people here within the community. :)

See you around!
KLewis Premium
Big welcome to you Peterboer, Great program,Great support.Hope that you stay in touch.Ken
peterboer Premium
Thank you for the welcome Ken. will get settled in over here and look forward to work with you soon :-)
KLewis Premium
Hello Pete,Great story,with no BS/ That is who I am. No BS/Some people like it and some people don't...we can not please everyone.
My father is Dutch,and so am I,with a mix. If you decide to jump up to premium,The first month is $19.00 If you do that you can get a hold of my by PM. Killer story.Ken