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Welcome to my profile!

My name is Peter.

I'm a International Affiliate Network Leader & Team Building Expert, Specializing In helping - YOU - to create Passive & Residual Earnings Creating Prosperity -

I've been involved with Affiliate Marketing for 19 years, and I never looked back.
I used to run my own business for many years and was deep into the "Rat race" but despite running a successful business and making good money.

I got tired of working 70-80 hours a week. After 8 years doing that I got burned out. So I was knocked down, but not knocked out. And I knew that if you can look up, you can get up.

So I started looking for ways to change my life, and thru a good friend of mine I was introduced to "Affiliate Marketing" He showed me how I could make a residual income - Working from home. Now I'm only working 10-12 hours a week, and get PAID even when I sleep and still make more money than I ever did before.

But the best thing of all is to have the "Time Freedom" and be able to spend a lot of time with family and friends, enjoy life.
My mission in life for the last seven years has been helping others to live a stress free life with more fun and less work, and still have the financial freedom...

Let me help you and show you how to make that happen for you as well - I've helped hundreds of other people just like you to provide for themselves and their Familys - Join the fastest growing Online Marketing/Super Affiliate Program in the World right now! We have over 1000 new Members joining us every day! Find out why right now, right here: crowd1.com/signup/opportunityteam

Let's connect and make friends "Your network creates your Networth" Write to bjjenergy@gmail.com or inbox me here!
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Actionstep1 Premium
Hi Peter, thank you for connecting with me:)

Impressive bio you have and it seems that if the going gets tough I can come to you for advice. That is wonderful!

Wishing you to help lots and lots of people and earning lots and lots in the proces! :)

emarketingguy Premium
Hey there,

Just wanted to say Hi and thanks again for adding me to your network.

I'm an Ambassador because I pay it forward, add value to the community with WA blogs and training, and I send new WA members consistently with my online ad campaigns.

One of the many ways I like to pay it forward here in the community is with a free video website audit to help you get the most out of the WA training.

I do it because I see a lot of people struggling to get true financial freedom, and sometimes knowing what you don't know, helps you, so if you ever want any help or free advice enhancing your website hosted on Wealthy Affiliate, I'd be happy to do an audit by video.

I do this 100% without ANY promotion of my external services because I love Wealthy Affiliate and it's my way of giving back.

No pressure. It's an open-ended offer, whenever you need it. Always happy to help you win here!

--Marshall Adler
WA Ambassador
MarkBa Premium
Congratulations on going Premium.

I have found the weekly webinar very useful to watch and now that you’re a premium member you can too.

One tip though… be sure the topic being covered is what you need right now otherwise it won’t be the best use of your time.

If you can’t or don’t want to attend live, there’s always the recordings. (See “Live Video Classes” under Training on the left hand menu.

Wishing you every success with your business goals for 2018.

~Mark :)
alexjysmith Premium
Welcome to WA Family. Glad to have you on the team. You will get everything you need to succeed in this massive online university. Its updated regularly throughout the year. Just follow the green course on the left hand side towards the top. Its super simple, one step at a time is all it takes. I’m wanting to wish you massive success this year, and I know that you can make this work :)

Omer-A Premium
Hi Peter, and thank you for making the connection with me.
I am now following you back here in WA.
Please also follow me on Google+ (if you haven't done so already). I will follow you as well. Me profile: https://plus.google.com/+OmerAdir
Wishing you great success in your future endeavors, and please feel free to reach out if you need my help!

Keep being awesome!
Bro1964 Premium
That was very inspirational ,after reading your profile one thing bubbled up in my head. That is secondary to none about the main reason this has caught my attention. To be in the place where you have the capacity to affect so many lives and to show people that Yes There Is Still A Attainable Dream That You Have The Capacity To Reach.I have become one of your followers
LindaClark1 Premium
Peter I need some advice please. I have decided to use a website I already have to continue my lessons with WA. I own the Domain and my hosting is with Lifetime hosting. According to what I am reading under SiteRubix I must transfer my Domain name to WA. I guess to be able to get comments on my website and so forth. Actually I'm not sure why I must transfer my Domain. Will I continue to own that Domain name?
Urolin1981 Premium
Thank you, Peter, for introducing your high income program, which I will look into after getting my current sites via WA going. Meanwhile, I am passionate in helping people on how to live a long happy life as described in articles listed in www.formefirst.com and www.sick-ask.com. I would like to invite you as a critic of my thinking and writing so I can do better down the road of adventure. Best wish to further success, health, and happiness.
1stLWelsh Premium
Hello Mr. Blackwell:
Thankyou for your kind offer. I am very new at this and trying at this time to set up a web site. It is all foreign to me. I wish to greatly increase my wealth to increase my political power. I wish to promote democratic Workers Self Directed Enterprises (WSDEs) as opposed to dictatorial capitalistic corporations.

Lawrence Welsh
chrissie60 Premium
Thank you for following me. I'm a newbie to this kind of business I have never done it before, but I am going to try my hardest to succeed at this. The only problem is I am finding it hard to add social media to my site and not too sure how to add other ads like rose gal etc I hope you can help me, please I would appreciate it very much.Chrissie60.
front9agency Premium
Hi Peter, thank you for following me, and I've followed back. It's great to have someone in my network with so much Affiliate Marketing experience. I've been on the other side of online marketing helping businesses get found with well designed, lead converting websites, so I hope I'm a natural fit for doing a little affiliate marketing and earning for myself. As I learn more here, I'm wondering why I waited so long.

Good luck to you!
PBlackwell Premium
Hi Jason, great to connect with you - Someone with your background might be what I'm looking for (y) Let's connect ASAP and see how we can collaborate
KevinPC13 Premium
Hi Peter,

Thank You so much for adding me to your “Following”!!!

I have seen a lot of programs over the last 4 years and this looks and feels right!!!

I would greatly appreciate it if you would please let me know if there are any important tips that you think a “Newbie” like I am to WA can benefit from!!!

Best Wishes for Your Continued Success!!!

Hi Peter,
I am brand new at this. Recently downsized from a $175K a year job for the 2nd time in 4 yrs. Tired of building things up then suddenly out of the picture because of budget cuts. Want to learn as much as I can about this and pursue for the remainder of my working days and beyond. Your guidance from your successes is what I need.
PBlackwell Premium
I hear you Dale, been there done that - I eventually found the solution... Let's see how I can help you (y) Let's connect ASAP... Best regards Peter
CobusvdM Premium
Hello Peter, Nice to be connected!
♫Thank you for following me. ツ I wish you a lot of learning pleasure and fun on WA.
I am a fairly newbie to WA, but I have put my head into it and I am prepared to do the work needed to reach success.
My first road bump was to how to decide on a niche. I thought it good to write a post on how I got to a decision. Please read about it here and leave me a comment. Cheers for now.
….enjoy the WA journey
2wealthynow Premium
Hi Peter,
Thank you for following, you & family are lovely. I would be delighted if you both share and advise me. I've had Businesses in retail Beauty & Fashions . WA is where I want to learn and acquire knowledge. You have the skills and experience that can help me get through the Network. Great Success!
PBlackwell Premium
Hi Beatrice, how are you doing Today? Let's see how I can help you (y) Let's connect ASAP... Best regards Peter
HonkingClown Premium
Great profile, Peter! I really like the energy you have in your words. It's also nice to hear from someone who has "seen it all" and knows how to be successful online outside of Wealthy Affiliate. I'll keep you in mind as I progress in the training. Thanks for following!
DavePancost Premium
Hi, Peter, Thanks for following me. i've returned the favor. Good to meet you.

I too, tried a few times to start my own web development business, and found out that I didn't like the boss. ;-)

Anyway, I'm working on IM and am looking forward to building a great and successful online business.

So where are you folks from? I like your Facebook page. I'm involved in a different network marketing company (just started about a month ago), and will be building my website somewhat around that. But your's looks like it could be a lot of fun. :-)

I wish you all the best both in WA and in your Network Marketing company.
chuckeski Premium
I would like to learn from you. Im trying my best to learn quickly even though i'm not computer savvy and Im a beginner at affiliate marketing. I have been following the "get started here" green button to the black button "affiliate Bootcamp". I think I confused my self, but Im stuck at creating my niche. Im also confused about creating my niche and combining with other affiliate programs.Please advise me how I can get back straight to creating my niche with other companies and entering their affiliate program.or at least help me understand what Im doing. thanks
Hi there, unfortanately I am a beginner right there with you. Actually from the sounds of it your a bit ahead of the game than me. I feel bad I can't be of any help to you. Have you tried live chat? Can be very helpful
PBlackwell Premium
Hi Charles, how are you doing Today? Let's see how I can help you (y) Let's connect ASAP... Best regards Peter
Thank you for the follow, I am new at WA as of today. I have been on a journey of trying to figure out what to do financially and with basic computer skills I am a little unsure if this is right for me. Today is only day 1 so I'll see how it goes.
PBlackwell Premium
Hi Angie, great to connect with you (y) So what are you looking to do - Where would you like to see yourself 1 year from now?
Hello and good day, Well to answer your question. One year from now, not only would I like to have succeeded in my own website or multiple. I have other goals such as real estate. I'd like to have my courses completed and the state test passed. As far as website goes, I have some more learning to do before I really get to brainstorming ideas. I feel that even if I don't end up making a great sum of money I will still have a sense of accomplishment knowing I achieved my goal regardless.
on1sknees Premium
Hi Peter, for one so young you seem to have it all together. I'm just getting my feet under myself and stepping out into the unknown. I'm impressed with your accomplishments at such a young age... I'm going to watch to see how much you grow with the time I have left on God's Green Earth. Being part of the WA community is my biggest accomplishment in the last 10 years. Its nice to have a new roll model to watch and learn from...
Moncile Premium

I got a wrong preception that only by collecting most networks will help to boast my rank. I never response to the members joining my profile. I was wrong. Please pardon me didn't mean to ignore you. I swear, til NOW, I dont really know how this thing works. Or maybe Im not that serious to develop and maintain with all my heart? Too lazy to learn has no patience? My own confussion and desperation blocking me to pursue further, though admitting the community response here is such a two thumbs up support!
God bless you there. Thank you for all your effort to help me and both of us success with WA.

Ali-M Premium
Dear Peter,

Nice to meet you and welcome to premium community! My name is Ali and I've joined WA some while ago.
Joining premium community is a great decision that you have ever made and every step that you are taking forward from now, leads you to achieve your dreams.
You will not never be alone in this industry; me and many other nice people are always here to help you; also I would be happy to have you in my network too, so feel free to follow/contact me anytime if I can help you with anything. : )

Wish you great success in your online business,

xKennyC Premium

I see you decided to, what I like to call "Take the Leap" as well. First I would like to say Congratulations. Not only on taking the first step towards a better career opportunity, but also the first step at a better life. Not only are you about to embark on a major learning and building adventure. You also get to share this experience with many like minded people like yourself, on that very same adventure. I myself am no expert, but if there is anything I can do to help you along the way, please don't hesitate to ask. I wish you all the best in your future here at Wealthy affiliate.

Best Wishes,
kjbernard Premium
Hi Peter,

Your description gives me hope. I gave up my high paying job because of the long hours and now I have a less demanding job but it pays next to nothing. So my goal is to put purpose to my passion and work smarter. Your life balance seems more enjoyable now and I am striving for that as well.
DjodiHP Premium
Hi there, Peter. Thanks for following. I am inspired by your profile description because I feel the same. Even though I am just graduated from college and have been working in a company for only less than 6 months, I think I've taken the mediocre track towards success. I just feel like being limited to live my life to the fullest, so I want to do something new to change my life and fortunately found this place. I am learning internet marketing and business in search of passive income and financial freedom. Hopefully I am on the right track.

Nice to know you and hope you do great!
Thank you, PB, yes I will need a mentor! Yes, I
will need passive income with residual commissions.
I will need much help starting and making a go
of this so that I can support my premium membership
by the end of my 1st month!
Again, thanks for following me!
LarrySZ Premium
Hi Peter, it's nice to meet you. I must say you have quite an impressive file. Are you still taking on people in the WA to mentor? I would definitely be interested in any help you can offer. If there is anything I can do to help you out please do not hesitate to ask me.
PBlackwell Premium
Hi Larry, thank you and great to connect with you - Looking forward to network with you...Let me know if you need any help or support on how to create the Lifestyle you want... If you do, please PM me... I still Mentor people from WA - Best regards
Hey Peter! Thanks for the follow :) So funny that we share the same last name lol

I am a starter member and really eager to learn more about how to take full advantage of the free services offered to generate revenue before I can upgrade to premium. I would love to network with you and get some advice! I had never really heard of Affiliate Marketing, but am looking forward to figuring it all out, hopefully with your help. Peace & Blessings to you!
PBlackwell Premium
Hi Leah, first of all great to connect with you! Yes it's funny with our last name, we might be related who knows LOL - I also sent you a message on FB - And if you need a Mentor on how to be Successful Online - I'm here Leah - Just PM me...Best regards
Deale Premium
Hi you are part of my network so..
My first blog "I want you to have this." is up, and in it there is a tiny gift waiting for you, enjoy :)
LunaVC Premium
Hi Peter,
Thanks for joining my network. Twelve years is a long time. I am certain you are doing well because you stuck with it.
I just started 2 months ago and hope that I will start earning soon. I have learned a lot and believe I will do well in Affiliate Marketing.
See you around.
Hi Peter! I am inspired by you journey. I just signed up today in hopes of establishing a business that is successful and allows me time to do the thinks I love, which is mostly volunteer work. the reality is, I still need to make a living. Any advise suggestions you might have to offer is greatly appreciated.
klchang Premium
Hi Peter. Thank you for following.
You have an interesting live, full of challenges but you triumph.
I love your mission, which I also wanted for myself. Who do not?
I am sure I can learn a lot from you.
Wishes you all the best.....to you....and your family. Cheers. :-)
budgetgina Premium
Thank you for the follow! I have only been here for a month and catching on quickly. My friends all tell me I have a knack with words and writing has always been easy for me. You have been into this for awhile and I like hearing you can survive on 10-12 hours a week.. It certainly is doable... I have 2 websites half complete, took some days off after my 1st boot camp course, with no intentions to, but had to wait for my laptop to arrive so I can plug links and videos in.. Now I will be out of commission for 3 more days as my Grandsons are here and play time with them... Cheers!
BrendaLittle Premium
PBlackwell, thanks for following me. I can certainly relate to feeling Burned Out as a workaholic myself, but in my case directly with the CEO and founder from the day he moved his business from out his home. So I've been with him from the beginning and kind of adopted his "Rat Race" mentality only without the "benefits" of owning my own brick and mortar. So I am looking forward to finally enjoying my life and I hope to do so by utilizing the resources here at WA.

Have you been to the Affiliate Bootcamp in Las Vegas?
axtonkong Premium
Guys, I started a thread to help each other to improve Google ranking by :
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So I suggest we help ourselves in a more effective way, yes we will spend a little more time but it is definitely worth the effort.

To join the thread, click here :
misticbaby Premium
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate.

We are glad that you are here. If you have any questions or you get stock, don't hesitate to ask, we are here for you. I wish you the best of the best and lots of success here at Wealthy Affiliate.

I recommend that you start on the getting started course. It will teach you everything you need to know for about internet marketing.

Click the link below to go to the getting started page: Enjoy your journey to a very successful life/future. Thank you!!!
Ace37 Premium

Thank you for your follow and I also added you to My net work as well looking forward to networking with you in the near future & in hopes to learn how to achieve the same success you have the sky is the limit, I wish you nothing but success on your new ventures.
PBlackwell Premium
Hi Angela, thank you and great to connect with you - Looking forward to network with you...
AlexFerns Premium
Hey Peter Thanks for the follow. I'm following u back. Inspired by your success I am looking forward to imitate you so I can do the same for myself. Like the way you put things across. Network is Networth.
Since I am totally new to this space in online marketing I am looking forward to all the support I can get.
Cheers, Alex
PBlackwell Premium
Hi Alex, great to connect with you and thank you! It's all about knowing how, and what to do - I just sent you a mail thru your Webpage... Looking forward to talking to you more... Best regards
mommashannon Premium
Hi Peter!! Thanks so much for the follow! I am following you back!! It is so Awesome that you are successful in Affiliate/Network Marketing! Gives me a sense of Hope. I can't wait until I reach that point! I feel I am successful in ways, but not yet financially. One day! :-) Wishing you the Best!

PBlackwell Premium
Hi Shannon, great to connect with you and thank you! It's all about knowing how, and what to do - I just sent you a mail thru your Webpage... Looking forward to talking to you more... Best regards
cowboy1959 Premium
Good morning,
Thanks for the follow. Congrats. Yes I know what it must have been working 70, 80 hours a week. I did this in Mexico. Me and my wife had a pharmacy with "abarrotes"...milk,bread and whatever. Even put in a cyber with 12 computers in the same place. After 11,12 years everything came to an end because of my in-laws business problems that was beside ours. It got rented from "PEMEX" and then big renovations started. After 4 weeks closed they decided to take down a part of the building that we used for our business Our business just stayed closed. "No choice" This prolonged up to 7 weeks closed and still by seeing all the renovations i just didn't really see the day or date we would re-open. With no compensation (corruption) for closing our business and no confirmed date as to when we would resume our work. It was too much pressure and so we just had to give it up. I came back to Canada. Its now almost 4 weeks. So now i'm learning how to become an internet marketer and end up making a reasonable income in the near future and bring ma family here in Canada hopefully one day. For my part things will change for the better. Just need time and certainty.
Have a nice day And more success to you in the near future.
PBlackwell Premium
Good morning Yves! Yes I feel with you, sometimes life is a real struggle and it does put us to the test... Yves when you said that you lived in Mexico in 12 years, I'm just curious do you speak Spanish? If you do I might have a solution to some of your problems :-)
cowboy1959 Premium
Hi Peter, Thanks for your comments. Well appreciated !
I lived in Mexico for almost 12 years. Yes I do speak Spanish with an accent. I do fairly well with Mexicans normally. They understand me.
Sometimes if a Mexican speaks too fast I could get lost in his/her words. My wife is Mexican, My little boy is also Mexican 4 years old. I'm Canadian and so is my 15 year old daughter. My daughter started school in Mexico. So we communicate in chat 80 % in Spanish the rest in French or English when we use the camera.This helps me to stay in "contact" with my third language not end up forgetting it i guess.
Have a nice day.
PBlackwell Premium
And French to wow, let's get in contact and talk ASAP Yves! I've got a BIG thing we are about to Launch -
cowboy1959 Premium
Really! this sounds amazing ! Am I thinking of a breakthrough ! WOW I do kinda feel exited. Hey I will get to you as soon as possible. Ya know here in Québec Canada everybody is starting to celebrate the 24 th of june. This is el dia de Québec ! We Are celibrating ! Please give me this day and I will get back to you soon. Its been eleven twelve years so I just want to experience it a bit. I was born in Montreal, Quebec. I am truly excited. Keep in touch.
PBlackwell Premium
Yes Yves and this is truly something to be excited about :-) Enjoy celebrating "El dia de Québec" and then it will be a lot easier if we can continue our contact buy mail this weekend - This way I can lay out the whole plan for you, like I said BIG things in the making :-)
cowboy1959 Premium
Hi Peter,
Hope you and your family are doing fine today. Well, El dia de Quebec ya se termino !
My doors are now wide open ! Hope to here from you soon.
Take care !
forpat123 Premium
Peter, good to hear about your story. I too got tired of working so I actually retired and in my retirement instead of going back to work I wanted to find something different to do and that is how I actually got interested in affiliate marketing. Thanks for your story have a wonderful day.
PBlackwell Premium
Hi Pat, thank you and great to connect with you - If you need any help or assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to me... Best regards
forpat123 Premium
Thank you.