I added my first ad from Adsense and although my display language is English my ad comes in Swedish. As I live in Sweden, my time zone is set at (+01:00) Stockholm. Can that be the problem? Will it be a problem if I change the time zone? Does it affect anything else but the time?

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maxser67 Premium
Correct me anyone if I'm wrong, but the Adsens "knows" what you have been searching/looking at, so it directs the ads to you and since you are Swedish (Hej :) ) the ad will be in Swedish.
So I think that if someone in US see them, they will be in English.

Ask someone to check it out :)
Athanasia Premium
Hej Max :)
Yes you're right, it's like that. Thank you.
maxser67 Premium
Bara glad att jag kunde hjälpa någon :)

Just happy I could help :)
marcand Premium
If you've got the display language set to English, then Google is likely basing it off of your account time. Try changing that to GMT time and see what happens.