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February 17, 2016
I started at January 26th. I have spent a lot of time so far on following the training, building my site and staying active in the community. Until now I had only put one affiliate link in because I was struggling to get it all in place, and to actually grasp the affiliate program. So today I decided to make it a focused task to work on getting more links in. While checking on the Affiliate details I noticed that I made $5. Yeahhhh. I did not expect that it would happen so soon but I am happy i
About two weeks ago I started following the WA program. It is amazing how much I have learned in such a short period of time. I was familiar with WP and several aspects of Social Media, but going through the training step-by-step has improved my knowledge substantially. The community at WA is fantastic. This is a great way to feel part of a group of like-minded people with similar goals. I enjoy reading all the comments and tips. Despite the fact that it is time-consuming I do learn every day j
February 01, 2016
As many of you I have been looking for a great way to make a decent living and working from home. I live in The Hague in Holland just walking distance from the beach. Despite the weather, it is definitely not the Mediterranean, I love to go for a walk through the dunes and on the beach during the day. Working from home offers me that luxury. I have been doing a lot of research to help me starting an internet marketing business. I was shocked to see so much scam out there and only after I alread