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August 28, 2020
Wooooohooooo, Just checked my amazon affiliate and discover this.... Lol.. my first sale. I know as a family we all understand what it means, especially for a newbie with a new website without the knowledege of been an affiliate. This is truly a sign for me that it truly works. Thank you all WAfamily
July 26, 2020
Wooohooooo, I checked my site rank on jaxxy, guess what I found, my page on number 5 page 1 of binggradual process and consistency is truly the key
May 12, 2020
Some of my contents published last week, i just got a message from WA that one of the content has been found by google which means that google has my page withing their index to display withing the search result.....
May 08, 2020
Once upon a time when everyone get mixed up no matter the race or colour, shake hands together, embrace one another, and path each other's back without fear or doubt.Many nations get locked down, economy crying for relief, people are scared of the unknown and we are forced to remain in absolute self detention call isolation, watching from our windows for the unprecidented enemy. However while the scary unknown keep ravaging the world economy, and putting the innocent into isolation, the bold ar
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