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Is it just me or is anyone else having problems with the AWIN login page? The login page won’t load so you cannot enter your details to login.Anyone else having this problem?Thanks in advance if you get the chance to reply…
Just got an email to say that Walmart are moving from Linkshare Rakuten over to Impact – does this mean that all my Linkshare Rakuten links need to be changed over to new Impact formatted links?If so, this is a huge additional workload that I did not expect – has this affected you? Do you plan to change all the links for them?This chopping and changing is becoming a bit of a pain…- A really good merchant in Shareasale just decided in the last week to close their affiliate pro
Just a short note to say i received a 3 year dedication badge - can't believe i am here 3 years already - how the time has gone by so quick! The first 6 months was definitey the hardest but it gets alot easier once you get the hang of itThere has been some good parts along the way but some bad ones also including deleting a website or 2 or 3 - at least now i have developed some websites now that are getting daily sales which is alwways great to see. I am not at the level like many of the people
Just a quick note to say that I am absolutely thrilled at seeing my current balance at Commission junction surpass €1k – it took over 2 years to get to a balance this high but finally it happened (usually it would be less than 500 balance each month) Many thanks to all the people here in WA especially Kyle and Carson for developing and offering a platform such as this to build and host our websites and give us all the tools we need to develop our online businesses.I still only do thi
I don’t post here all that much but I just wanted to share a new record with Commission Junction that I achieved which is over €15.8k worth of sales in the last 30 days - Plus all of this is more or less from one specific merchant within Commission Junction – details are outlined belowThis is not to brag but to share with you that results can be achieved if you stick to training here. It doesn’t happen overnight and a lot of patience is needed which can be frustrating but
5 times to select buses / traffic lights / chinmeys etcDOES ANYINE ELSE FIND THIS EXTREMELY ANNOYING?It is as if WA are makiing it harder for me to login...CAN THIS ANNOYING RECATCHA BE REMOVED ASAP PLEASE