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June 18, 2018
Yippeeeeeeee, I got Indexed. I'm not fully sure what that means yet but im super excited. Any accomplishment that earns me a badge is so awesome.. *doin my happy dance*
June 18, 2018
So, everyone here knows that part of our training requires you to check out peoples websites and we are encouraged to give feedback on it. yeah??? I can't help but feel my website totally sucks.. Is that normal?? Have any other members felt this same way at the beginning. Seeing so many AMAZING websites and then being asked to give feedback on them.. I'm like...'Oh WOW, so cool, and 'wow I love this one! and then I'm like.. 'oh wow', this one is my fave, no this one is, nope I think this one to
June 15, 2018
How I ended up here doesn't matter anymore. What matters now, is that I am here, and I chose to stay. I was completely overwhelmed at first because everything was all new to me. I dusted off an old dictionary that sat on our bookshelf to look up words like 'Niche' and 'Blogging' and 'content. It wasn't until my 10 year old son said 'just google it mum'. So you can imagine just how far back in the dark ages I actually was when it came to 'online' anything. Except Facebook of course. I've been he