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May 10, 2018
Well to be honest, thats me. Not in the picture but here where I`m sitting. Finished Online Entrepreneur Certification Level 3, not so much to be proud of after all this months, but I`m happy with my achivement. Why has it taken so long time, well thats what happening in all families I think, sicknes, death and all the following, pushed me out of the system for a long time. Well now I`m back, and slowly I think thing will be back to normal. So next level, here I come. 😄Oyz
June 09, 2017
Hello everyone, It was a quite, tough journey but I will be soon done with Course 2. I am so glad with it. It takes time, patience, practice and focus. The beginning was not smooth, committing some mistakes along the way tending sometimes to have disappointments. But I told myself I am not competing with anyone so I’ve put a driving range to finish my course. And there! I`m in course 2 lesson 10, this is the last to be checked. I have one website with 6 pages and so far, only 5 posts.
June 01, 2017
Did not believe my eyes when i saw it. Number 3, 4 and 9 on page 1 in Google.
April 21, 2017
Yesss, then I`m so fare with google, next step to come :)
March 19, 2017
Used most of the weekend to think if I like to continue or not, seems to much hard work to do, and that`s exactly what I`m done all my life, so as a pensioner do I like to start again??Well now it`s done, so better start working.