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Greetings to all at WA,This is an announcement of a new certification baged achieved! I am excited and motivated by small achievments because they turn into big success! Thank you all for the support and help thus far in my journey and look forward to sharing more of our accomplishments together!
Greetings to All here at WA!I haven't even tried to get to Vegas yet, but.........I just wanted to share a new accomplishment Badge Earned! Thank you to all of the wonderful people and resources at WA! Moving on to the next mission! All the best and success to All of you!Omar
My vision as a Beginner here at WAI have been in business for years and kind of watched the internet start and take off to places you would never imagine. I heard many who started businesses online but never thought it would be me, but as the internet changed the world it also changed my thoughts as well. So a long anticipated time thinking how to unite my barbershop business with the online world took forever. I began using an online app to book my services for two years and then finally dived
January 23, 2018
Greetings Everyone,I have been in WA for about three months now on and off. I have been struggling to keep up with my lessons but I'm back at it. I am thankful for the many resources we have in WA because I been seeing other things outside of this community. My goals for this year are to learn learn learn and not really focus on making money. I realized that the slow and steady learning approach suits me best. I plan to finish all of the first ten courses within the next six moths to a yea