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Dear WA community,I'm moving forward with the certification slowly but steadily! I have learned to blog and to use images and videos to enhance my content! I am still very far from my goal but I'm enjoying every step!Thank you all for your technical and moral support!Oana.
July 05, 2019
I first heard about WA in March 2017. I remember that day, when I was sitting in the Frankfurt airport, heading to my home country, and, between flights, I kept reading and reading about WA. I decided that I would be interested in joining this community. At that time, I was stuck in a horrible day job that didn't allow me any peaceful moments for myself. Therefore, I kept WA in a corner of my mind and only joined in September 2017. But I only became more active in December 2018. This time I dec
Slowly, but surely, I keep going! And I really enjoy what it looks like a new world for me!
September 23, 2017
Hello all,Finally, after days and hours of hesitation to find the "right" niche and the "right" theme, I managed to have my first website created! Now, let's create the content! I will keep you posted!
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