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By now you've probably realized that WA have incorporated web hosting with a free SSL certificate to each and every website created here.I was unsure at first if I needed to use this, and if it would be a problem changing over to https: from http:Firstly I wanted to know a little more about SSL, which apparently stands for "Secure Sockets Layer". So what exactly does it do?Well the main benefits are to ensure that private information stays private. This is done through encryption. For those web
I was looking at having a video intro at the beginning of all my videos. I've had one created on Fiverr which I'm really happy with.I just wanted to mention a couple of things that I found whilst YouTubing. Firstly, you can make your own video intro's quite easily. There's a link below to an instructional YouTube video I found showing how it's done via Windows Movie Maker. Note: This is not my video. other thing I wanted to mention, is that there was
When I first started out using Wordpress, I was unsure which plugins to add. My first website became so slow as I just added whatever I could, I just wanted to try them all without realising how slow it would make my website. Through experience I've learned to keep it limited but there are some essential plugins that I use. Here are 6 of my favourites. Wordfence Security - I've used this for all my websites in the past, and it works a treat. I have heard that it uses a fair amount of memory but
G'day WA family. I've recently browsed through the ambassadors here and viewed their websites to see how they are successful. The main thing I noticed is that most have a website to do with 'working from home', 'scam websites' or 'how to make money online'. Obviously these are all related to each other also. Michelle04 & Labman both have dog websites which look great. id like to ask you all, why do most WAers have this type of money making website? Can you all compete against each other and
September 21, 2014
After a year of toiling, trying to create a useful website for sports enthusiasts, I've made many mistakes. I know I've chosen a very hard niche to rank in but as I've put so much work into it , I'm not giving up yet. My idea was to show many popular weekly professional sports fixtures on the front page, with start times/kick off times in all time zones, so viewers didn't have to scour the web in various locations. I've sort of achieved this after having a script written for me for the various